Trupanion vs Healthy Paws. A Pet Insurance Showdown

Insurance Showdown

Pet insurance is a fantastic option to take advantage of when you sign up prior to the onset of a health issue for your pet. You must be prepared when something bad happens. Do you have the ability to handle the treatment for cancer?

Perhaps Trupanion and Healthy Paws is the solution you’re looking for to minimize your financial risk. Find out which insurance for pets is the most suitable for your dog. Our experts evaluate the features and provide an up-to-date comparison of insurance options to present you with the many choices.


FLORIDA Residents The plan described here isn’t available to all new Florida customers. Contact Trupanion for more information on the plans available to you in your state. Also, read the policies attentively for more details.

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The table below highlights the particular differences between the services Trupanion is and Healthy Paws cover. The following items are not included in the table due to the fact that they are provided by both employers: blood tests, xrays, cat scans, ultrasounds, MRIs rehabilitation surgeries, specialty exams and hospitalization. Emergency care specialty health hydrotherapy, chronic diseases cancer, diagnostic treatment Alternative/holistic Treatment, Euthanasia as well as non-routine dental services Hereditary disorders, congenital illnesses and prescription medications.

As you can observe, Trupanion and Healthy Paws provide very similar services. The most notable difference is the fact that Healthy Paws does not cover the treatment of behavioral issues and Trupanion includes a fee for holistic or alternative treatments.

In addition, Healthy Paws has an annual deductible, whereas Trupanions the deductible is per state, per life. An annual deductible is important in the event that your pet is suffering from multiple illnesses or injuries throughout the period of coverage (one calendar year). However, this is not the case if your dog is identified with chronic health issues like hip dysplasia or allergies urinary tract infections, cancer or other conditions, you can claim a deductible.

Both companies charge a single admission fee. Healthy Paws requires a veterinary examination within the last twelve months or fifteen days after the date of issuance of the policy for dogs that are less than that age. For dogs who are older than six it is required that you get your dog examined by a vet within 30 or within 15 days after the policy was issued.

It is also evident that Healthy Paws has a better score (A+) in the Better Business Bureau compared to Trupanion (A-) and the insurance company has an AAMBest rating of ++ that is the highest rating for all animal insurance company.

But, Trupanion ultimately beats healthier paws in this class because they suffer from a 30-day waiting period for hip dysplasia. healthy paws have a waiting time of 12 months. Trupanion’s wait time for accidents is just five days, while healthy paws can wait for 15 days.

Insurance Coverage Winner: Trupanion

Customer Service & Reputation

Reputation and customer service may not be noticed when you receive a good price on your insurance policy However, we think that this is one of the most important aspects to think about. We wish you never to make an application however we would like it to be easy and simple for you and your pet should be required.

It isn’t important what you spend when you call an organization and your concerns are not answered or issues aren’t solved, you’re left feeling that you’ve spent the money you paid for.

Healthful Paws offers one of the top customer care we’ve encountered. Take a look at our reviews from actual customers who are glowing about their experiences. Trupanion On contrary is a bit more negative than we’d like to read.

Client Service as well as Reputation Winner Healthy Paws

Claim Refund

Healthy Paws pays 99 percent of its claims in two days. It’s a fast payment. Compare that with the time it could be to get your money back if you sought a refund following an accident in the car or your insurance for your home.

Trupanion offers up 60 days for the payment of the claims (but on average, 14x). This is a long time. If your dog has an emergency medical treatment that costs more, are you able to go 60 days without getting a refund? In that case you must also request your veterinarian to contact to the Trupanions claims center prior to paying.

Trupanion has the possibility to pay directly to your veterinarian on the covered portion of the bill, which means you don’t need to wait to receive an amount to be refunded. The option of paying directly to your vet is among the perks Trupanion provides its customers, however only at participating vet clinics. (Note: Healthy Paws may also provide this option when you contact them and discuss the matter with them, but you might not consider it necessary since the claim payment is quicker. )

Payback Winner: Healthy Paws

plan adjustment

Trupanion offers 90 percent coverage and an unlimitless payout limit, meaning their policies aren’t quite as flexible as some other pet insurance providers. Trupanion also offers a

flat price per incident (select from ) which means that you need to pay the deductible several times for every emergency or illness within a specific coverage. This could lead to extra expenses for you.

Healthy Paws offers unlimited withdrawals for all plans, and provides more flexibility with plans than Trupanion. However, Healthy Paws has some limitations on reimbursement as well as annual allowances dependent on the age of your pet at the time of enrollment.

  • Cats and dogs up to 5 years old:

    • 90 percent, 80%, and 70 percent refund
    • and deductible
  • Cats and dogs aged between 6 and 7 years:

    • 80%, 70% or 60% settlement
    • or deductible
  • Dogs older than 8 years old:

    • 50% or 60% settlement
    • or allowance

Trupanion also provides protection for puppies from the time of birth and healthy Paws protection begins at 8 weeks. Trupanion doesn’t allow pets older than 13 years of age. In addition, Healthy Paws will not allow pets older than 14 years old (older than four years). old) not registered within New York ).

Plan Adjustment Winner: Healthy Paws

Price of the Policy

To provide you with one example of differences in price between Trupanion vs. Healthy Paws, we have created a comparison of the offers with an example dog.

Features considered in these services:

  • Male Jack Russel Terrier two years old
  • No microchip, multiple pet discount, or pre-existing conditions
  • Resident in New York (zip code 10034)
  • The quote comes from December

Healthy Paws

You can also request an estimate for your pet’s needs to get a quote for your pet Healthy Paws. We also have a special promotion page for healthier paws for current promotions.


Are you searching for Trupanion coupon codes? Find it here for the most affordable deal we can locate.

Why should you get Pet Insurance?

Find out the reason Michael decided to get pet insurance for his dog, Bambie. Michael has some relevant arguments.

What’s it?

Healthy Paws is the clear winner in this contest. With similar policies, more reputable customer service, and faster reimbursements for claims the majority of people save money by picking Healthy Paws over Trupanion. If you’re not able to find the information you’re looking for Our specialists have completed thorough research, as well as review of Trupanion in addition to Healthy Paws so you can broaden your choices.

Overall Winner Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws won this showdown against Trupanion But how do the two companies compare against other providers? Our team of experts has spent countless hours studying our extensive review of pet insurance, which evaluate more than 20 different companies.

If you’d prefer to view winners in categories, we’ll award the highest value, including multiple pets, refunds of 100 with unlimited payouts and the best for categories like senior dogs, puppies, dental insurance, medical insurance, bilateral diseases, behavior therapy, and so on in our top dog insurance comparability. There are also winners for exotic pets as well as cats.

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