Should I Enable WiFi Calling on My Phone?

Enable WiFi Calling

What exactly is WiFi calling?

If you’ve ever made use of WhatsApp to make calls for free via your smartphone You have already used WiFi. WiFi Network to place Calls on your phone.

However there is a WiFi Calling feature that is accessible for iPhone as well as Android Phone works in a different way than when you use your own free Home and Office WiFi Network to make calls via video and voice.

Its WiFi Calling feature is integrated to your Carriers Network and allows you to make calls via the WiFi network using the dial-pad on your phone.

If WiFi calling activated on your phone it will switch automatically to the network that is the most suitable (WiFi or Cellular) to make calls and text messages via your phone.

The advantages of WiFi supported by carriers Calling

While it is possible to make calls using WiFi Networks using WhatsApp, Signal and other VoIP Apps, Carrier supported WiFi Calling provides certain advantages.

1. WiFi Calling is integrated directly into the dial pad of the phone. So, there’s no need to open apps or connect to an VOIP Service to make calls using the WiFi Network.

2. Carrier supported WiFi calling is designed to effortlessly change from Cellular and then WiFi Network in accordance with which network has the best connectivity.

3. There is no requirement to install Third Party Apps or services to make use of this feature. It is true that both iPhone and Android Phones are able to support Carrier enabled WiFi calling.

4. Carrier Supported WiFi calling is very easy to set up You just need to turn on the WiFi Calling feature for the iPhone and Android Phone.

Do you need to enable WiFi calling on your phone?

Enabling WiFi Calling will increase the coverage of networks of your device, permitting it to take advantage of all available WiFi Networks as well as Your Carriers Cellular Network.

For instance, if you work in an area in which there is a Cellular connection is not as strong because of its location and the building’s location, your Phone changing automatically on to WiFi Network (if it is available).

Additionally, activating WiFi Calling can assist you in avoiding long Distance and Roaming fees because many Carriers do not charge an additional charges for making National as well as International Calls using WiFi Calling.

However, you must be aware that specific providers may charge an additional fee for long distance calls via WiFi Networks using WiFi calling.

Cost of WiFi calling

When WiFi calling utilizes Free WiFi networks to make calls, your phone provider may still count minutes as part of your plan for data.

If you’re using an Limited Data Plan, it is recommended to utilize WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and other VOIP applications to make calls using WiFi Network, rather than making calls using Carrier that supports WiFi calling.

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