How To Send Anonymous Text Message From Computer & Mobile For Free

Send Anonymous Text Message

Explore These Top Apps and websites to send text anonymously from PCs and Mobile

It could be for an investigation, a whistleblower announcement, or for a joke You may be looking for an option to send text messages anonymously. While users are moving away from SMS and different types of Instant Messaging solutions but some people still enjoy using the short Messaging mobile service. To help them, we list the best websites and applications that provide a simple method of sending SMS messages over through the Internet without having to reveal your Identity.

Warning: This article is intended for entertainment and informational for entertainment purposes only. WeTheGeek is a non-profit organization. WeTheGeek we don’t endorse or advise our users to make use of any of the apps and websites listed in this article to engage in illegal actions. Be aware that anytime point in time, these apps or websites could monitor your IP.

How To Send Anonymous Text Messages From The Computer For Free?

Before you use any of the tools or websites mentioned here to send anonymous SMS, be sure you are familiar with the terms of Service & Rules to ensure that there are no discrepancies.

Best Websites To Send Anonymous SMS

How To Get There?



  • Simple to use interface.
  • It allows you to send anonymous emails as well.
  • It will disclose you IP Address if you use the website for unlawful actions. (For security reasons, it’s best)

  • High compatibility with virtually all SMS providers. High compatibility with almost all SMS.
  • This guide will show you how to write anonymously step-by-step.
  • You can make text message calls to mobile numbers within the US only.

  • Service for instant messaging.
  • Supports the service provider’s automated detection.
  • Limitation of 140 characters.
  • Interface that is outdated.

  • Supports group messaging for groups.
  • A majority of North America & Europe carriers are covered.
  • You can only send a limited number of characters per SMS.

Anonymous text
  • Compatible with nearly all mobile operators.
  • Services offered Anonymous SMS UK service too.
  • A small fee may be assessed.
  • It could be that local restrictions on sender IDs in certain countries.

  • A simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Send unlimited text messages using unlimited characters.
  • You can transmit text messages only to mobile numbers within the US only.

  • No registration is required to access the service.
  • Get replies directly from the person who sent your email.
  • You can transmit text messages only to mobile numbers within the US and Canada only.

  • It offers a wide range of services, including mobile apps, free SMS as well as paid bulk messaging and more.
  • The character limit is 145 characters.

Let’s see how you can utilize the services for sending private text messages to your computer for free.

1. SendAnoynmousSMS

Perhaps one of the biggest and most trusted websites that is which allows sending text messages anonymously using a computer. SendAnoynmousSMS is user-friendly and provides more than 100,000 texts almost everyday. With this site you can send a text message anyone in the world.

How To Use SendAnoynmousSMS?

  • Choose the country in which your recipient lives.
  • Enter the number of the receiver and the text message you want to send.
  • Get through this Captcha test.
  • That’s all! You’re now ready to send an SMS without having to reveal your identity.

2. Seasms

Seasms is among the most popular websites that is used for instant messaging within a couple of clicks. The website is incredibly efficient when it comes to sending both SMS and MMS. In contrast to other platforms for communication, Seasms lets you share pictures, text, videos and other documents across over 250 countries. Their bulk SMS charge starts at $20.

How To Use Seasms To Send Anonymous SMS?

  • On their site you can scroll down to locate their Send Free SMS & MMS Online section.
  • Enter the recipient’s name and ensure that you type in correctly. Country Code.
  • Enter your message. The maximum is 160 characters.
  • Click Send to send an SMS.

3. TextForFree

TextForFree The name, as it suggests, allows you to send text messages via the Internet to nearly every mobile phone service in the US at no cost. If you visit their website, they boast that they offer 100% privacy secured text messaging. In addition, they promise not to share information about users with third parties or even.

How To Send Anonymous Text Using TextForFree?

  • On their website, scroll to the bottom and navigate to the step by steps text message sending page.
  • Enter the recipient’s mobile phone number.
  • Enter the subject line of the SMS, then your message.
  • Be sure to choose the correct service provider for the person you wish to contact.
  • Click on the “Send Free Text message!.

4. SendSMSnow

This is a free Instant Messaging service which lets you send anonymous SMS using your computer. What is it that makes it distinct from other messaging services listed here? It’s because SendSMSnow also supports group messaging, too although it’s not offered without cost. They do charge minimal costs to send SMS in batch.

How To Send Messages Anonymously With SendSMSnow?

  • Create an account at SendSMSnow.
  • Begin to create a phonebook of contacts.
  • Start sending SMS messages anonymously from your PC to groups or individuals.

5. Anonymous text

In contrast to the majority of messaging services discussed in this article, Anonymous text is entirely focused on privacy. It is possible to in fact observe the transmission and delivery directly in your interface. There is no registration required to send text messages anonymously through your computer. Simply ensure that you type in your country’s correct code in order to send your text message in just only a few seconds.

How To Send Text Messages Anonymously Using This Service?

  • On their website, select the type of Sender You must choose the Anonymous option.
  • Enter the number of the receiver.
  • Write your message.
  • Choose the date you’d like to distribute the message Choose when you want to send the message: Now or later (Choose the day)
  • Click on Continue!

6. TextEm

In 2006, the company was first introduced. TextEm may be your best option for those who want to send messages anonymously without having to sign up. With TextEm, it is possible to select your preferred network carrier in across the US or make unlimited texts to any mobile. Furthermore, TextEm allows you to send images and videos via SMS.

How To Use TextEm To Send Free SMS Anonymously From PC?

  • On their site, select the number of the recipient.
  • You can also add an email address, should you would like to send your email without revealing your identity.
  • Choose the Mobile mobile carrier for the device.
  • Write the message.
  • Pass the reCAPTCHA.

7. TxtDrop

This is yet another free messaging service that allows you to send anonymous text messages via your computer for no cost. The website has been operational since 2013 and continues to offer online messaging for free without issues. TxtDrop is a reliable service TxtDrop to send SMS for free across both the US as well as Canada.

How To Send Messages Using TxtDrop Without Revealing Your Identity?

  • To send a message to a person anonymously on your computer, simply enter the mobile number of the recipient.
  • Enter your text.
  • Hit the Send

8. Foosms

The company claims to be the most reputable all-inclusive provider of Mobile applications and internet-based services. Foosms was a must on our list of the top websites to send text messages via the internet for no cost. The messages are delivered quick, however it does have 140 characters limit for characters per SMS. It also offers choices to manage all your contact information online.

How To Send Free SMS Anonymously Using Foosms?

  • When you arrive on their site, head there to their Free SMS section.
  • On the next screen on the next page, enter the 10-digit mobile phone number.
  • Choose the type of message you want to send and Enter your SMS.
  • Select the Send Free SMS button.

How To Text Anonymously Using Third-Party Apps On Android?

There are several applications on the market which allow you to send messages to your friends anonymously. Some are free , while others are charged to make SMS.

1. FreeTone Free Calls & Texting

FreeTone’s Free Calls & Texting application is an incredibly powerful application for Android which allows you to make unlimited calls and texts to any phone number within the US and Canada. You can get your own personal number and send SMS messages to any number, without disclosing your identity.

Start Downloading Now App-based ProductsStarting at $1.22 USD + Installs are 5,000,000+

2. TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts

TextMe Up is an additional great app to begin making calls and texts from the new number in order to make fun of your friends. It allows unlimited texting to any number within the US, Canada and other 40 countries. You can also create HD Voice & Video calls to other TextMeUp users.

Start Downloading Now • In-App App ProductsStart at $1.22 USD + Installationsequal 5,000,000+

3. CoverMe

Previously known as Private text Messaging, CoverMe is another app worth a try if seeking a quick and reliable method of sending private messages and other documents. Install the app and sign up (if you need to) then enter a telephone number that you wish to text and the receiver will receive the text from a different number.

App Products starting at $0.89 USD | Installs of more than 50,000

This Application was removed from the Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can I Text Someone From My Computer For Free?

Well, Yes! You can utilize any of these websites above to send texts and SMS. If you’re searching for other services, you can use the SENDaTEXT service. It’s a common web browser that lets you send messages using your computer and mobile phone without difficulties.

Q2. Is Sending Anonymous Messages Illegal?

There’s no standard policy in the US for keeping your identity private However, there’s an opt-out for spam registry. In fact, sending an Internet to send SMS messages via phone could violate the law if the person receiving the message is registered in the registry and the message isn’t legal.

Q3. Are There Any Best Anonymous Texting Apps?

Sure, but there’s applications for Android that allow users send messages without divulging their personal information from their phone.

  1. Text Me – Free Texting & Calls
  2. FreeTone Free Calls & Texting
  3. Free phone calls, texting for free SMS with a no-cost number

Wrapping Up

We’ve compiled a list of Top Apps and Websites to send anonymous SMS for no cost or at the cost of a nominal fee. This lets you fool your friends from all over the world, and not reveal your identity.

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