Best Rabbit Alternatives – Sites Like in 2022

Best Rabbit Alternatives

watching a film or show with family, friends or a special person isn’t possible if you’re far from them. Rabbit was an amazing platform that made online movie nights feasible. But , now the website has been shut down and is being taken over by Kast. Therefore, you must locate Rabbit alternatives.

The website had to be taken by Kast in the year 2019 due to was experiencing financial difficulties. In the present, Kast is working to be the next big name in the field of virtual watch events. But, there are other platforms that you could utilize to stream movies or show “together” with others who live in a different location.

Discover the alternatives for watching films and TV shows with your favourite people even when they’re not with you!

The Best Rabbit Alternatives – Sites that are similar to Rabbit to host Virtual Watch Parties and Movie Nights

Are you searching for streaming sites such as to watch films and TV shows online with your family and friends – even when they’re at their home? Here are a few of the top Rabbit streaming options!

1. Netflix Party

We all like to “Netflix and relax,” right? The variety of TV shows, movies and web series available on Netflix is huge and varied which can make date nights a blast. But what happens in the event that it’s too late find your partner’s home? Turn to Netflix Party! It’s the perfect way for co-streaming films and shows which are only available on Netflix.

With this site, you’re able to only access Netflix’s library Netflix. However, considering the size of the library that is available on this website and the speed that it is updated it will be a wealth of content to watch. You can watch streaming video in synchronization while communicating with your friends by using the group chat feature as you stream videos in real-time!

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2. SyncLounge

Stuck at home during lockdown? Are you planning to meet with your companions to go to the movies with you cancelled several times over the past couple of months? Do not fret in these situations! It is possible to use SyncLounge to watch the content that is available through Plex by playing media that is synchronized. It is important to be aware that it was designed specifically for Plex members only.

All you need to connect your library via Plex by using this co-watching application and you’ll be ready to watch a virtual gathering with your best friend in a secure “room”. The playback synced to the app is high-quality as the application doesn’t rely upon Plex. Plex server. Instead, it runs its own server that allows users to share information with multiple people while you interact with them.

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Another platform that could function to be one of most effective Rabbit alternative is If you’re in search of an online platform for co-watching the same content in synchronization with your favorite users it’s a great location to do it. It lets you play back seamless videos streaming from various content streaming sites such as YouTube from Vimeo up to Dailymotion.

When you begin playing the video on this website all members of the virtual “room” are able view the video at the same time, thanks to synced playback. Also, you can connect URLs from various video sites so that you can watch videos with your friends on this platform. You’ll be able to use the option to chat with other members of your watch group.

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4. Twoseven

Do you miss your Friday night movies with your family? Being away from your family members can be a terribly feeling at times, but you don’t need to miss those moments of bonding due to a service such as Twoseven. It’s a website that allows you to co-watch for video content that syncs to streaming with your family members, while also interacting with them.

The way people interact on this website is distinctive in the way it is done. It is because it allows webcams, and it allows live reactions by making use the feature. The site is designed to offer the most immersive and real-time viewing experience with no delay. It works with the high-quality OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, etc. It’s definitely a great Rabbit alternative.

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5. ShareTube

YouTube is a renowned streaming video site which we overlook, right? However, who doesn’t love to view cute animal videos , or to learn about new dishes from Gordon Ramsay’s channels and then share them with friends? YouTube also has some amazing documentaries, travel and food videos, and much more. You can now co-watch YouTube videos using ShareTube.

It’s a basic service provider that operates in a straightforward way to allow you to play videos that sync with other users and have a fun experience with co-watching. All you need to create is an “room” similar to other sites of this type and then share the YouTube URL to let everyone enjoy synchronized content. Also, YouTube has an interactive mode for chat in groups!

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6. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is among the most popular Rabbit alternatives to share the enjoyment of streaming videos or listening music with your preferred person. It’s not just that; you are able to buy together at Amazon by using this website! It provides a premium sync playback feature that does not create delays while streaming shows or films.

When you are watching TV shows on Watch2gether it is essential to choose the option that offers the fastest speed of upload. This will make sure both you and companions have the best experience watching your favorite shows and films together. It is also possible to communicate with other users by making use of the chat option on this website.

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7. TogetherTube

A very well-known options for Rabbit, TogetherTube is a platform that lets you organize a party to watch. Through this website you can share video clips from YouTube, SoundCloud, Video along with DailyMotion with your partner who is watching videos. This means that you can get together to enjoy the recently released trailer or the latest video of your preferred YouTuber.

One of the best Rabbit alternatives, TogetherTube will give you the opportunity to set up an exclusive chat room as other sites that offer this type of service. There, you will be able to communicate with the person you’re sharing the experience. The chat room is where you’ll be able to add videos to your playlist shared. Members can vote on the latest video.

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8. Airtime

Are you looking for ways to share your content-viewing experience with family and friends even though you’re physically separated from one another? In the wake of Rabbit closing its doors in the year 2019, those who enjoyed the co-viewing platform were devastated. However, there’s no reason to fret since Airtime will replace and offer an option to share videos.

Airtime lets you co-view YouTube videos and play music with your family and friends while having a chat. The website does more than provide simultaneous media playback with interruption. It also provides audio commentary. Furthermore it allows you to add up to 10 people in one chat room for an entire family-friendly experience.

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9. Metastream

To stream shared videos and enjoying the benefits of a digital-only watch party Metastream is among the few platforms that you can choose following It provides superior quality replay of the live sync. The portal has created its own technology to increase its live streams’ quality with many viewers, meaning that there is virtually zero delay.

Additionally you can also enjoy on-screen chat or video queueing as well as manage users. It supports the majority of major streaming platforms, including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. However, it doesn’t support streaming or downloading of media, or chat using webcams that have audio support. In addition it’s great to watch events.

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10. Rave

If you’re searching for Rabbit alternative options, Rave could be an excellent option. You can connect to Rave via your mobile and get amazing results. It lets you watch Netflix concurrently with a different user and communicate with your fellow-watcher. You can also watch content together through Vimeo, DailyMotion, Google Drive and many more.

It’s evident that the quality of the synchronized playback is excellent, and it runs without issue. Rave does have a video chat feature, however it isn’t working when videos are playing. One of the most exciting features of Rave is that it allows you to listen to music with others and sync phones. It’s an all-around good choice for viewing content shared using mobile phones.

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11. Invited

Are you looking for a way to host a event to experience the content that comes from Netflix, Crunchyroll, Crave and more. with your virtual pal? Invited is a great platform to connect with your virtual friend. Any website that is played in a normal browser can be played with Invited. It gives you high-quality of audio and video during your shared video playback to ensure an outstanding experience.

The site lets you create a shared space where you and your guest can view synchronized video clips together. It lets everyone in the room to access the browser as well as browse the internet. There’s a monthly or annual subscription fee, but it’s an option. The cost of a subscription lets you bypass the lines to get a room during the peak times.

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12. Syncplay

You’re stuck at home? Tired of being bored? You should bring your pals to join a virtual watch party and have fun watching videos with them via Syncplay. You can invite them to join them from their respective locations and you can share the downloaded video content on your personal computer. It is compatible with all media players such as VLC or MPV.

Everyone will be in a room with Syncplay and the portal broadcasts the playback on your personal computer so that you can watch the same video together. But, there will be no way to chat or interact on this website. However, if you’ve got an entire group of friends who are dedicated to watching movies with no interruptions it’s a fantastic platform.

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13. Parsec

Yes, watching films and shows online with families or friends is fun But have you considered about how fun it could have been to play games on the internet? Parsec allows both! While it’s not designed to stream video and the other members are unable to manage the playback however, it is an excellent choice for synced playback that is high-quality and high-quality.

If you’re able to get past the one-directional control, it’s the ideal option for synced video watching and streaming games. It is possible to invite your family and friends into the virtual room to watch live video streaming without any latency. Like other games that support multi-player streaming, Parsec too lets your friends and you to post comments and engage in real-time.

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14. AnimeParty

Are you a fan of Anime? Are you looking to enjoy the Japanese video animations with friends who belong to your Anime club? The time has come to switch to AnimeParty! This platform lets you stream and stream Anime video content and share it with pals in the digital watch party. It’s a simple platform that lets you create a private space for sharing the contents with guests.

The most appealing aspect is that the platform comes with an entire collection of Anime videos that it owns which you can get access to this library and begin watching. The platform offers an option for group chats in which you can chat with your fellow viewers. Its quality playback synchronized is admirable and you shouldn’t have any major issues while watching Anime with your pals.

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15. Kosmi

Are you interested in spending time with your pals on the internet? Do you want to chat to them with games of games and even look at YouTube videos together , just as you would do in the case of a casual gathering? Kosmi lets you complete all of this in its chat room virtual in which you can chat via webcam, connect your computer or browser and watch videos.

With Kosmi you don’t have to tackle the trouble of installing or sign up. It’s as easy as creating rooms to start connecting with your buddies. You can view the synced YouTube videos with your friends and stream local video as you do on There are even games to play. Anyone you share the URL can join your group.

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16. Together TV

It is possible to share favourite films and shows with loved ones via the web-based platform called Together TV. There, you have the ability to play content from collections of popular websites such as Netflix, Hulu, and other sites and connect with other users via the web-based interface. It’s one of the most popular Rabbit alternatives to watching videos with co-viewers.

Together TV lets you share your screen with others. Together TV, you can connect a remote to other people with whom you’re connected to the internet. You can choose that you want to stream the content from your computer via this website or let it play random video to you as well as your buddies when you’re in a relaxed mood. You can also use the audio chat option with your friends via Together TV for the complete “hangout” experience.

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17. Synaptop

If you’re searching for an online application such as to share video-viewing experience, Synaptop is one of the top alternatives. It lets you share videos with family and friends through the remote connection. It is completely free however, you must sign up on the website to take advantage of its features and share your watching experiences.

Apart from watching videos as well as playing games or listen to music by making use of this website. It is also a great tool to work with your colleagues in your study or work assignments. It’s simple, Synatop will allow you to share all kinds of content with other users. Because of its streaming services that you don’t have to download everything. It offers a collection of movies to choose from.

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18. TogetherJS

TogetherJS is an application loaded with the most advanced tools for watching online parties. In the end, what else could be expected from a service created with Mozilla Labs – other than the top? On this website you’ll be able to experience real-time collaboration which is available on various websites and applications. It is also possible to watch videos and films with your friends on this website.

In addition, TogetherJS offers an open-source library that lets you create tools and join other sites of users. For you to begin sharing movies and videos with your friends remote, you’ll first install entire library and then share it to your buddies. By doing this, they will be able to join in, and then you all can get to know one another.

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19. Caracal Club

Users of love Caracal Club as a replacement for the website. It’s an application that permits you to stream online browsers, similar to It is simple, Caracal Club supports all accessible websites so that you don’t have to deal with using a screen sharing service. It is possible to create private and public rooms in order to host parties to watch.

It is easy that the hosting host can transfer on the management of the room over to others invited. You can talk to other participants in the room, but the use of video or voice chat is not feasible. If you pay the monthly subscription fee and you’re a member, you can access the rooms on the website anytime. This is beneficial as that the amount of rooms accessible on the site is restricted.

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20. Tutturu

In the list of alternatives in the race to Rabbit, Tutturu is yet another popular. It’s a social network which allows you to invite your friends to join in and share videos and other media. Like the other Rabbit alternatives, you need to create a space on the website where you can share your content. All the way from YouTube and Reddit up to Anime websites, you are able to connect to everything.

It is also simple for users to control this shared online browser. There are all the major features of on this platform, including rooms that are public and private virtuelle browsers with interactive choices of video, audio and text chat remote passing, and more. It is available for both iOS or Android. The host has to pay a monthly cost.

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21. AndChill

The last option in our listing of Rabbit alternatives is AndChill A platform that lets you share video streaming with your friends. It is necessary to set up private and public rooms in order for watching videos with others all over the world regardless of where they’re physically. The platform lets you host virtual watch parties simple.

The interface for users of AndChill is easy to use, and sharing audios and videos is just a mouse click away from this website. It is necessary to begin by browsing the rooms that are open to the public on the website and then join the room depending on what you are watching. It’s a fun method to meet other people with the same interests as you are. Sharing content with your friends and family members is simple.

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Rabb.It was once an internet platform that kept families and friends together by engaging in the joy of watching great videos “together” regardless of whether the people weren’t physically together. It was also a platform for hosting virtual film evenings. However, everything changed as the website was shut down in the year 2019.

With being shut down permanently the platform that emerged was Kast as an Rabbit replacement with an impressive collection of movies and shows. However, aside from Kast there are a myriad of other sites similar to Rabbit which you can utilize to host online watch parties where you can take in shows and movies with those who live far from you.


What Is Rabbit?

Rabbit or was introduced on the 14th of July 2014, as a streaming video website and mobile application which offered a chat group platform. It let users browse and view the same content from a distance and also enjoy video or text chat. In the year 2019 it was sadly cut off. the site was closed due issues with funding.

What is Rabbit Down?

Rabbit as well known as was an online platform that was offered video streaming and chat options, but was shut down in the year 2019 because of a insufficient funds. After being inactive for around an entire month, the service was acquired by Kast towards its end in July.

Does Rabbit a safe website?

Rabbit was an online platform that offered chat and video streaming options that its clients could avail. This was an authentic website which had to be shut down due to financial problems, not due to any legal problems of any nature. It was functional and safe, it was absolutely secure.

Is Rabbit Dead?

In the year 2019 Rabbit was forced to shut down. The announcement about the shut down was announced via the LinkedIn profile of Rabbit’s CEO Amanda Richardson. The platform was functional in July, but by it’s end in July it’s intellectual rights, its stack of software and patents had been transferred to Kast.

Is Rabbit Shutting Down?

Rabbit was a popular platform which friends could use to share videos and view them from a distance simultaneously. Due to the shortage of funding, the site was forced to close in 2019. Intellectual property rights of the site together with patents and software were taken over by Kast.

Is Kast The Same as Rabbit?

Kast has taken over all intellectual properties of Rabbit in July, 2019, and signed an agreement with Rabbit. Kast has bought Rabbit’s technology stack rights, patents, and rights and plans to welcome Rabbit’s fans and followers Rabbit to its brand new and enhanced platform for viewing and sharing videos.

What Should I You Can Do In Place Of The Rabbit? was a site to share videos, watch the videos “together” via remote and conversing via text messages and videos. It was a kind of platform to have virtual movie nights with your friends. The site was to close in the year 2019. The site is now available for use with Netflix Party, SyncLounge,, TogetherTube, Airtime and many more.

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