17 Best Movie Maker and Editor Mobile App

Today, we live in a world that smartphones can perform almost everything that was previously possible only with computers.

Additionally, editing or creating videos is among the possibilities. Utilizing only your mobile phone you can make videos that could become viral and earn you an impressive amount of money enough to live on if you push enough.

Video is among the most effective (if not the only) methods to communicate and relay your message to everyone available. Indeed, recent studies reveal that the majority of people will retain 95% of the message when they watch it on video, compared 10 percent when they read it as text. That’s huge!

When it comes to earning money of creating videos, TikTok stars such as Charli D’Amelio make between $30K to $51K per posting. She is believed to be the top TikTok earnings earner currently. There are million of YouTube creators who earn a lot making videos on the platform.

All of this may seem like a daunting task, it’s not the scenario. Although it’s not easy, by using the right tools and strategies you could be with these influential people in just only a few months or years.

This article will help you find the most popular apps for mobile phones which will help you make and edit videos that you can upload online. While you may have a familiarity with some of these, I would recommend you to read the entire list in order to find things you’re not aware about.

Let’s jump into it.


Are you in search of an video editing program that lets you create professional, music-driven videos created for social platforms such as TikTok, Triller, Snapchat Spotlight as well YouTube shorts?

It was developed through Lightricks, Beatleap is an outstanding video editor that helps make the entire process of making videos smoother and also saves you time. It has vivid interaction for fun editing as well as many useful features.

Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re mixing your workout videos with instructions, showing off your eCommerce store’s most recent threads, bouncing your trip or dancing in style Beatleap is your friend.

Create a video that is inspired by cool music you can customize for effects and styles that speed up, slow down, and so on. Simply select the footage as well as the soundtrack and editing style you’d like to achieve The app will do all the rest, synchronizing on-screen motion with the beat that the song plays.

The powerful editor of the app is simple and user-friendly, resulting in amazing videos that are created in a matter of minutes. Add a final finish with your preferred filters, ranging from Glitch to the VCR, to film.

You can also improve the colors and lighting in your video to increase the WOW-factor. Explore and experiment with Beatleap, since there’s nothing that can be done with the designs and effects, and the combinations available here. Beatleap is compatible with devices running iOS 12 or up and is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

Sign up to Beatleap to enjoy unlimited features and content. Additionally, there’s an option for a one-time payment offered for the duration of your subscription. The price starts at $5.99/month and includes a no-cost trial.


If you own the iPhone or iPad or an iPad, then you’re fortunate enough to be able to utilize Movavi, the Movavi Video Editor that is available on your device. It’s free and lets you make your own videos with a variety of amazing features, such as:

  • Cut
  • Merge
  • Get rid of any unneeded elements
  • Include transitions
  • Slow down or speed up
  • Include music

You can also add text stickers and export them in different sizes and formats.


If you’ve been interested in video for a while and know the quality, Filmora is for editing videos on computers. Although you can’t apply the same software to your phone however, it is possible to download the mobile edition, which is called . The goal is to get the editing done when you’re in the move.

It’s user-friendly and allows you to do various things like creating effects, playing music and adjusting the speeds, applying effects and much more.

The website says that the app is available to Android However, there’s an IOS version available for download.


How cool would it be to create cinematic films on your phone? PowerDirector allows you to do this with its incredible capabilities and content pack. It is possible to be as creative as you like making use of transitions, blending effects masks, audio tracks as well as professional-looking titles.

It is also possible to include different soundtracks to the timeline, and mix it to create a unique final product. PowerDirector is available on each of IOS as well as android.

Film Maker Pro

It’s completely free and easy to use. The Film Maker Pro lets you create stunning Hollywood-style video with a variety of editing options. You can cut, split or trim, duplicate and even cut audio out of the video at any point throughout the duration.

It is also possible to create intro videos, and add text filters, text, and other elements. One of the best features is that you can convert and compress your videos to different platforms. At present, you can get Film Maker Pro only on Android devices.

Video Editor

With more than 80 filters and an array options for effects the Video Editor with over 80 filters and a myriad of effects, Video Editor IOS is worth taking up tiny area on the device. It lets you mix trimming, editing, and combining your video clips into the perfect final product. It also allows you to apply effects like slow-mo or reverse for it. And, of course, make slideshows.

If you are a fan of playing various kinds of music in your video, you are able to also add the songs to your collection. There are many options to choose from, such as:

  • Video changes
  • Voiceovers
  • Transitions

While the app is totally free to begin but there are also paid plans that could be beneficial to you.


TikTok is the most talked about thing in social media right now and you must be a part of it. From humorous short videos to monologues and amazing tricks to what’s happening now is possible to create almost any type of video and still have the chance to build a massive following.

The majority of celebrities and regular users are embracing this application, and there’s no reason you should not. I’d recommend you start installing it using either or your IOS as well as your Android device.


I can remember the InShot app was the very first video editing application I installed on my phone couple of years ago, and I was awed by its capabilities. It allows you to cut, split, join and alter your videos to an amazing extent. You can even create stunning vlogs with this program and post them to sites like YouTube.

It comes with great filters as well as stickers, sound effects and lively music. You can also add your personal voiceover. InShot can be downloaded for IOS as well as Android.


From different audio effects and filters to music and text Alive completely lives up to its title to make your videos actually live. Many have made short and sweet videos also vlogs using this application. Take a look:

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The best part is that you can make your own community within the app, as well as see the work of other users to help feed your creative juices. Alive is available to download to IOS as well as Android devices.


The app was named the Apple’s “App Trend of the Year” in the year 2019 and also won a number of Google Play awards Magisto is another excellent video editor on the list. You can browse their library and make use of tons of video clips as well as images to make an original piece of work. It’s fast and user-friendly and allows you to create efficient videos for your business.

A unique feature of this application is that it requires you to select your preferred editing style prior to creating any video. So when you’re making video collages or slideshows, Magisto will know what you’re looking for and provide the most suitable tools for you to employ within the interface.


Mix and match your media files with Qlik and create stunning-looking videos that can be played anyplace. It is equipped with AI technology that recognizes different moods in your photos and then incorporates them into your video in order to keep the same vibe.

It can, for instance, find and upload photos which you’re smiling. Or you can pick other criteria, too. You can, in general, modify, add music or add effects and send it to the world in only a couple of clicks. It is possible to download Quik on both your IOS or Android devices.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush also is a excellent mobile app for editing videos and what could it not be awesome as it comes from Adobe tools. They’re well-known for their great capabilities, and this is no different.

The main functions of this app are:

  • Audio assembling
  • Motion graphics editing
  • Templates that are pre-designed
  • You can customize text, color size, font and much more.
  • Accelerate or slow down

Additionally, you can transfer your data between IOS, Android, Mac as well as Windows devices.


It is possible to perform all-round video editing with PixArt. Beginning with a template that has been created it is possible to include the TikTok background music as well as subtitles, transitions, as well as other elements. You can also alter your video to an extreme degree, according to your requirements.

The app is free to download for Android and the most important thing about it is that there’s no watermarks. This is a huge benefit that is available to everyone If you ask me. There aren’t many apps that let you remove the watermark completely for free.


Simple, yet robust, Splice allows users to experience the same functions as desktops through a mobile app. There are a lot of editing options, including adding effects, text, transitions and more. It is also possible to mix various audio tracks and then add the tracks to your videos.

It offers a variety of orientation options and the capability to include voiceovers. They are always updating the application, so you can ensure that you’re always up with the latest trending video trends. In the moment, this app is available only exclusively to IOS users.


The product is praised from some of the largest firms, including Google Play and Quora, VivaVideo lets you create professional-looking videos. It’s simple to use but it offers plenty to offer. In addition to the standard features already available, VivaVideo lets you add themes, stickers and different effects.

If you’re looking for an instant video to upload to social media, this app is likely to be able to do the job. You can install it for both IOS and Android devices.

Apple Clips

Amidst the many thrilling apps listed here, Apple Clips is definitely ahead of the curve in the creation of viral videos. I’m sure you’ve seen videos in which people transform themselves into real-looking emoticon and have fun using it. It’s a unique and you’ll be capable of using this only on IOS devices.

In simple terms, you can:

  • Create Memoji
  • Create Animoji
  • Include animated titles
  • Stickers to the wall
  • Add captions
  • Sync your real-time audio
  • Apply different filters

You can also play with your “selfie scenes” that can change your background to the theme you want, such as the Disney Pixar film Incredibles 2. It’s quite fun and thrilling and you can even upload your video in just a few clicks.


Dubsmash is similar to another version of TikTok however it has fewer features. It was once superior at the time when TikTok was not in existence, but then fell behind to TikTok’s rival. However, that doesn’t mean this app bad by any means. It’s packed with amazing capabilities, which allow users to make fun and dance videos to share on social media.

You can add music, effects text, and tons of variations to make your own video for social media. After you’ve finished your video then you can upload it to your preferred social network. This app is available for both IOS as well as Android.


It doesn’t matter if you own either an iOS or Android device, it has ever been simpler. These apps will assist you to create the style you want and create with stunning videos that can be distributed across the Internet. If you’re looking to earn money from your videos, you must look into the VidIQ.

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