How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Location of Lost iPhone

Find My iPhone

The Apple Find My iPhone service can be utilized to effectively monitor the location of your iPhone should it is lost, stolen or stolen. Here are the steps required to Use Find My iPhone to find the location of a missing iPhone and iPad.

Utilize the Find My iPhone to locate the iPhone

Search My iPhone is a free Cloud service offered by Apple which can assist you to locate the location of your lost, stolen , or lost iPhone and iPad.

This feature uses WiFi, Cellular and Bluetooth technology to constantly monitor the exact location on your Apple Device.

In addition to providing the whereabouts of your device that you lost In addition to indicating the location of your lost device, the Apple’s “Find My iPhone” service can be employed to remotely wipe all your data on the lost iPhone.

This stops your personal information and other sensitive information being used and misused.

Below, you will find the steps needed to Enable Find My iPhone Service on your iPhone as well as the steps required to Use Find My iPhone to locate the lost iPhone.

1. Set up the Search My iPhone Service on iPhone and iPad

First, you must set up either Enable Find iPhone service on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone and then tap onto your Apple ID.

2. On Apple ID screen, scroll to the bottom and click on Find My option.

3. On “Find My” screen, click on Find My iPhone option.

4. On the next screen, toggle the switch adjacent to Find My iPhone to ON position. You might also want to turn off Offline Finder and Send Last Options for Location.

When the Find My iPhone feature is activated in the iPhone You will then be able track the whereabouts that you lost your iPhone by accessing your iCloud Account from your computer.

If Offline Locating is activated The position of your iPhone will be tracked even if your iPhone is disconnected from the WiFi Network.

This feature monitors the whereabouts of your device using Bluetooth signals transmitted from the iPhone and other Apple devices that are in the area.

2. Utilize Locate My iPhone to track the location of iPhone

If your iPhone becomes lost or stolen You can follow these steps to find the location of the Lost iPhone.

1. Using your Mac or PC, visit

2. Sign-in to iCloud Account by entering your Apple ID and Password associated with the Lost iPhone.

3. Once you are within iCloud then click Find iPhone Icon.

4. You may be required by a prompt to input an Apple ID Password, to log in for the Find My iPhone Service.

5. On the next screen, tap on the All Devices option and select the lost iPhone from the drop-down menu.

6. Once you click on your iPhone, you’ll be able see the location for your device on the Map.

In the exact same window, you’ll find Play Sound, Lost Mode and erase iPhone options. I will be notified when you have discovered option, in the event that both WiFi as well as Bluetooth have been turned off within your iPhone.

If your iPhone is connected to the internet or Bluetooth then you’ll have the option of using any of three options included in the Apple Find My iPhone service: Play Sound or Lost Mode and erase iPhone.

Here’s an description of the purpose behind all these choices does:

play sound The option lets you to play an audio sound on the lost iPhone regardless of whether it’s on vibrate or in silent mode.

This option is available if you think that your iPhone was lost inside your own home or at work.

lost mode If you choose Lost Mode when you select it, you’ll be asked to input an address where you can be reached. The Phone number will appear in the display of your missing iPhone to ensure that the person who found it will be able to contact you.

The app also produces an audible tone in order to get the attention of your finder towards your iPhone.

Eliminate iPhone: This option lets you erase remotely all data stored that you have lost on your iPhone. This option can be used to protect your private information and data from being stolen by a third party.

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