How to Turn Off YouTube Autoplay on Mac and PC

YouTube Autoplay

You may have seen, YouTube has the habit of automatically playing the next Video after you’re done with the Video. Below, you will find the steps for turning off the YouTube Autoplay feature in order to block YouTube from automatically playing the next Video that is related to it.

YouTube Autoplay feature

According to Google it is according to Google, the Autoplay feature of YouTube was designed by Google to assist you choose “What to do next”. After you have finished watching an Video, YouTube Autoplay gets involved, automatically starting the following Video in accordance with your watching past.

The main benefit of YouTube Autoplay seen from many people is the remarkable capability to show exactly the type of videos that you’ve always wanted enjoy. Indeed without this feature, it is difficult to find a wide selection of videos that match your preferences.

The drawback of Autoplay is that it is unable to keep viewers occupied for long periods taking in one Video after the next. It results in losing your precious time and a huge amount of bandwidth which is costly on mobile devices.

Switch off YouTube AutoPlay on Mac or PC

YouTube offers a simple method to disable autoplay on YouTube. You can stop YouTube Autoplay function in front of you are watching the YouTube Video the user is viewing. But, this simple option is rarely appreciated by a lot of users.

1. On your Mac or PC, go to

2. Once on YouTube you can begin to watch any Video and then look in the upper right hand corner on your display. There will be”Up Next” and “Up next” section of YouTube which has the Autoplay option turned on by default.

This means it is possible that YouTube in Your Mac or PC has been configured to automatically play the next video in the series, when you’re finished with the current Video.

3. To Turn OFF AutoPlay, just move the switch next to Autoplay until it is in the off position (See the picture below)

Stop Autoplay by using YouTube settings menu on Mac or PC

You can also turn off YouTube Autoplay from either your PC or Mac through YouTube’s Settings Option in YouTube.

1. Visit on your Mac or PC

2. Once you are on YouTube you can begin to play any video you want to play.

3. Pause the video and then click at the Gear Shaped Settings Icon that appears near the bottom of the video (See the image below).

4. On the Menu that appears, switch off YouTube Autoplay feature by shifting the slider next to Autoplay’s position to the OFF position

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