How to Set the Homepage in Google Chrome

Set the Homepage in Google Chrome

When you launch your browser, you’ll would like to see a page load that gives you the information you require the most frequently. Get more done by creating a default homepage for Google Chrome following these steps.

Chrome For Windows, macOS, Linux & ChromeOS

  1. Launch Chrome and then click” Menu” from the upper-right corner ” Menu” icon in the upper-right-hand corner. After that, select ” Settings“.
  2. Click down until you reach the “Appearance” section.
  3. Make sure that you have the ” Show home button” option is switched to ” On“.
  4. Choose ” New tab page” or choose the alternative option to create your personal home page.

Chrome For Android & iOS

Setting Default Homepage for New Tabs

  1. Launch the Chrome application.
  2. Click”Menu” from the ” Menu” icon in the upper-right-hand corner.
  3. Choose ” Settings“.
  4. Select ” Homepage“.
  5. Make sure that the home page is set to ” On“. Click ” Open this page” and then enter the URL you’d prefer to make the home page.

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Setting Multiple Homepages

If you are a frequent user of multiple websites and want to have different choices for home pages when you launch Chrome then you can design an icon for the Home screen by following these steps:

  1. Enter the address of the website into your address field, and then click ” Menu” > ” Add to Home screen“.
  2. Change the name of the icon, if you wish. After you have completed the edit, click ” Add“.
  3. Make sure you confirm this action by clicking ” Add” on the next screen. The Home page will now have a shortcut button. It will open and lead you directly to the desired page.

I hope this guide has helped you successfully set a homepage in Google Chrome. Have any questions? Leave one below.

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