How to See Everyone in Microsoft Teams Meeting

Microsoft Teams Meeting

If you’re attending the largest meeting in MS Teams, you might be interested in looking at the participants. Here are the steps required to See Everyone in Microsoft Teams Meeting.

See All Participants in Microsoft Teams Meeting

As a the default setting, Microsoft Teams displays meeting participants in a 3×3 grid. This is good enough for meetings that have less than 10 participants.

If you have more than one person attending an event, you’ll have to modify the layout of the screen, and then change it the screen to Large Gallery Mode or select the Together Mode.

With the Large Galerie Mode, Microsoft Teams uses seven by seven grids, which lets you see up to 49 players on the screen of your PC.

How to Change Screen Layout in Microsoft Teams

All you need to do to alter the layout of the screen in the Microsoft Teams gathering is clicking the three dots menu icon, then select Large Gallery or Together Mode.

If you change on Large Gallery Mode, MS Teams will instantly re-arrange grids, based upon the amount of participants who are present at the moment in the meeting.

As more people attend the event, you’ll be able to see the grid change automatically according to the number of participants.

Large Gallery Like we said earlier this will allow you to see up 49 users on the screen of your personal computer. For more participants to be seen you can switch to the secondscreen, third, or the next available screens.

Together mode: It is a mode that MS Teams makes use of AI segmentation to place users with a shared background creating the illusion that you’re sitting with all participants in the same space.

If you’re thinking how many participants or people who are able to attend an Microsoft Teams Meeting is 250 and you can see the entire meeting using the Large Gallery View and going through six screens.

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