How to Open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Open Internet Explorer

While Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 10, Internet Explorer browser remains a component of Windows and you can see the various ways to open Internet Explorer on your computer.

Open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Microsoft would like its customers to be familiar with the new Microsoft Edge Browser. This is the reason behind Windows 10 computers shipping with Microsoft Edge as the default browser.

It’s true that Microsoft still hasn’t completely done completely gotten rid of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is pretty much accessible to you on the Windows 10 Computer and you are able to make use of it for any practical uses.

All that’s required to launch Internet Explorer on your Windows 10 Computer is to find Internet Explorer and pin it to the Taskbar.

We have provided below a number of methods to Find and open Internet Explorer on your Windows 10 computer. You can use all of them to launch Internet Explorer on your Computer.

1. Open Internet Explorer Using the Search Bar

Enter Internet Explorer in Windows Search bar and then select the most appropriate search result (Internet Explorer Desktop Application) that appears in the search results (See the image below).

When you click Internet Explorer, you will find your favorite Internet Explorer browser opening its default MSN Homepage on your computer.

2. Open Internet Explorer Using Run Command

Another method to start Internet Explorer is to make use of the Run Command. Just right click on Start, then click Run in the WinX menu. The menu will appear.

Inside the Run Command dialogue box, enter iexplore, then click OK.

When you click OK, you’ll be able to see Internet Explorer opening up with the home Page (MSN) to your personal computer.

3. Open Internet Explorer From Windows Accessories

Internet Explorer might still be installed in “Windows Accessories” Folder on your PC. To confirm, click the Start button and scroll down to the list of applications and open the Windows Accessories Folder.

In the expanded Windows Accessories Folder, click on Internet Explorer to open or open this browser from your personal computer.

4. Open Internet Explorer Using Cortana

If you’ve installed Cortana on your PC You can tell Cortana to start Internet Explorer on your Computer by saying, “Hey Cortana Open Internet Explorer”.

You’ll see Cortana instantly opening the standard Internet Explorer browser on your personal computer.

A PIN Internet Explorer to the Taskbar on your Computer

A quick and easy method to help make Internet Explorer more accessible on your personal computer is to pin your IE Icon onto the Taskbar. This allows you to open IE by double-clicking your Taskbar Icon.

Enter Internet Explorer in the Search bar, and it will open the Internet Explorer Desktop App in the Search results.

Click right-clicking within Internet Explorer and select Pin to Task bar from the context menu.

This will add your Internet Explorer Icon to the Taskbar on your computer which will allow you to access and locate the IE browser from your PC.

How do I install Internet Explorer in Windows 10

If you’re unable to locate Internet Explorer on your computer it is possible to get it back onto your computer through Control Panel.

Search for Control Panel using the search Bar and then click Control Panel Desktop App within the Results of the Search.

In the Control Panel screen Make sure you’re within the “Large icons” view, and then click Programs and Features.

On the screen for Programs and Features Click on the Turn Windows Features On or Off Link.

Then, go to the bottom and select the checkbox below Internet Explorer.

Click OK to begin your process Installing Internet Explorer on your Windows 10 Computer.

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