How to Forward Calls On iPhone to Another Number

Forward Calls On iPhone

It is simple to forward calls on iPhone to another number should you be unable to make calls using your phone and wish your calls to be answered by another person.

Forward Calls from iPhone to a different number

Before you begin the steps needed to forward calls to another number on the iPhone ensure that Call Forwarding is enabled by your service provider.

Certain carriers might charge extra fees for this service. This is why it is advised to inquire with your Carrier to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Also, ensure that you turn off the call forwarding feature on your iPhone after you’re done by stating the reason you want to forward calls to a different number.

Failure to turn off call forwarding could cause your calls to be diverted to a different number, even though you’re hoping they will land on your iPhone.

How do I forward calls on iPhone to a different phone number

Follow the steps listed below to Forward calls on your iPhone to a different number.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone and then click on Phone.

2. On the next screen, you can tap on the Call Forwarding beneath”Calls” “Calls” category.

3. On the Call Forwarding screen, turn the toggle next to Call Forwarding until it is in the ON and then tap on the Forward To when it appears.

4. On the next screen, type in the phone number (starting with the area Code) to that you would like to forward the calls.

5. After typing Phone Number, click on the Back arrow to save your changes.

After Call Forwarding has been enabled on your device you’ll be able to see an Phone icon that has an arrow appearing in the bar of status on your iPhone.

This is a clear indicator you’re iPhone is configured to route calls a different number.

How do I disable call forwarding on the iPhone

The process of removing Call forwarding from an iPhone is as simple as turning on this feature.

1. Go to Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding.

2. On the Call Forwarding screen, turn the toggle adjacent to Call Forwarding to the off position.

When Call Forwarding is turned off and the icon for calling with an arrows will disappear from the status bar. Your iPhone will be able to take phone calls , and will ring just like normal.

Set up the Call Forwarding feature on carriers Locked iPhones

If you’re unable access the feature of Call Forwarding from the iPhone Settings screen, it is possible that this feature is disabled from your Carrier.

In these cases it is possible to forward calls to a different number by using a different method, as described by certain users.

1. Dial *72 followed by the number of the phone you would like to forward calls to.

2. To Disable Call Forwarding, dial *73 anytime. This will turn off Call Forwarding and you’ll be able receive calls via your iPhone.

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