How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone

WiFi Password on iPhone

Below are three methods that you can use to find and see your Home WiFi password on iPhone if you don’t know it.

Get WiFi Passwords on iPhone

If you still use the same WiFi Password as your service provider, it should be possible to locate it in a notebook on the computer or in a text file.

If you forgot the password or are unable to remember it, the WiFi password can be viewed on your MacBook and Windows computer.

iPhone users won’t have access to their WiFi password. However, they can still use the steps below to find their WiFi password.

Step #1 – Locate Router IP Address

First, go to WiFi Settings on the iPhone to locate the IP address of your router.

Select your WiFi Network by going to Settings > WiFi

Scroll down to the IPV4 Address section on the next screen and copy or note the IP address of your Router.

Step#2. Step #2.

Once you have found the IP address of your Router you can log in to Router from your iPhone, Mac, or PC. You will also be able to find the password for your WiFi Network.

Open Safari browser > Type Router IP Address into the browser address bar, and then press the Enter key.

Note: The IP address does not contain the http://.

Enter the Username or Password on Router Login screen to log in to your Router.

If you have not changed it, the Username of most Routers will be “Admin”, and the Password will either be Admin, Password, or blank.

After logging in to Router, switch over to Wireless Tab. Scroll down to the WiFi Name section. Your WiFi Password will be next to Security Key.

These steps can vary depending on your Router’s Make and Model.

You can see the WiFi Password for a Linksys router by going to Wireless Settings > Manual Wireless Network Setup. The WiFi Password will appear next to Pre-Shared key entry.

If your Password is appearing as dots, please type a New password > click the Save button. You will then be able login to your WiFi Password on iPhone with the New Password.

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