How to Change Your Name on Facebook

Name on Facebook

It is possible to change your name on Facebook due to a variety of reasons, including a change in your legal or surname to other motives.

Change Facebook’s Name

Before you begin the steps for changing your name on Facebook it is important to know that Facebook allows name changes every 60 days.

This means that if you alter your decision or make mistakes in the name change process and you don’t have the option to make amends and rectify the mistake , or change back to your initial Name for 60 days.

Additionally, if you alter your name often, Facebook may prevent you from making further modifications to your name for the duration of 120 days.

Also, you must take note that Facebook does not permit the use of titles (Professional or religious) or offensive words. phrases or words that suggest a certain meaning as a substitute for a name.

You might be interested to know that Facebook allows users to use Nick Names like Bill in place of William or Liz instead of Elizabeth.

Changes to your name or adding the Nickname you have chosen to Facebook will not affect any other aspect of your Facebook Account. It will not take away tags attached to your name previously.

Steps to Change Facebook’s name for iPhone or Android

The steps to change the Facebook Name for Android Phone and iPhone are identical, with the exception of how to locate the three-line Hamburger Menu Icon.

Log into Facebook and tap on the three-line menu icon (located at the bottom of iPhone and at the top on Android Phone).

Then you can go on to the Settings & Privacy settings > personal information. Then click on your name.

On the screen for Name On the Name screen, type in your new name and then tap on the Review Change.

The next screen will look up your New Name and then enter the password for your Facebook account. Facebook Password and tap on Save Changes button.

Based the Privacy settings you have your Facebook Account Name will be appearing in your Contacts as well as other.

Use Nicknames Use Nickname on Facebook.

In lieu of changing the name on Facebook instead, you can include an Nickname to your name and ask Facebook to show your Nickname instead of your name.

Log into Facebook and tap on the three-line menu icon (located at the bottom of iPhone and on the top of Android Phone).

Then Go on to the Settings & Privacy settings > personal information, then click on your name.

On the screen for Name scroll down to select the Add Nickname, a birthname… choice.

The next page will appear, enter your Nickname, then select the option to show at the top of your profile and then tap the save button.

Based on your privacy settings Your Nickname will appear in your contacts and other users on Facebook.

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