How to Change WhatsApp Number on iPhone & Android

Change WhatsApp Number

If your phone numbers have changed you must change whatsapp number in the WhatsApp Account. Below are the steps needed to change your WhatsApp Phone Numbers on iPhone and Android.

Change WhatsApp Number Without Losing Contacts

Like the Telegram, Signal and other VOIP applications, WhatsApp identifies Accounts by registered Phone Numbers , and not through email or any other means.

It is therefore essential to correct your Phone Number in WhatsApp In the event that the number used to sign up the WhatsApp Account is changed, and does not belong to you anymore.

As it is typical for people to switch Phone numbers, WhatsApp makes it really simple to change your account to a new number without losing any contacts, messages, photos and videos.

Change WhatsApp Number on iPhone & Android

Before you begin the steps for changing your WhatsApp Telephone Number be sure that the new Phone Number is in use and that you can get calls as well as SMS text messages to the new number.

It is crucial, as WhatsApp will send an authentication code of six digits to your phone number by SMS Text Messages or calling the number of the new number.

1. Open WhatsApp and click on the Settings tab on the bottom menu.

If you’re on the Android Phone, tap on three dots icon (top-right corner) and then select Settings option from the menu drop down.

2. From the Settings screen, click the Account tab, then Change number. Then select Next in the upper-right corner.

3. On the next screen, enter your old Number, and New Number and click Next.

WhatsApp will now send a verification number to your new phone number.

4. On the next screen, type in the verification Code and then wait for WhatsApp to confirm the new phone number.

NOTE: You can also click on the Call Me option in order to get a verification code by an automated phone call via WhatsApp to your new Phone Number.

After the verification process has been completed, all of your WhatsApp Contacts and Messages are transferred over to your the new Phone Number.

What Happens When You Change WhatsApp Number

After your new number is verified through WhatsApp All the data of your old Account will be transferred to your new Phone Number.

  1. Your WhatsApp Account linked to the old phone number will be removed.
  2. Your WhatsApp Contacts won’t be able to see your old phone number in their lists of WhatsApp Contacts.
  3. All of your WhatsApp Data such as your profile as well as Groups, Chat History and the status of your Payment Status on your Account will be transferred to your new WhatsApp Account.
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