How to Change Login Screen Background in Windows 10

Change Login Screen Background

Are you tired of looking at the identical Login Screen Wallpaper on your PC? If so then you should follow the steps below to change Login Screen Backgrounds on Windows 10.

Change Login Screen Background in Windows 10

Follow these steps to alter your Login Screen Background In Windows 10 with any image you like or to a Spotlight picture and even an Slideshow.

1. Open Settings and click on Personalization.

2. On the next screen, select Lock screen located in the left-pane. In the right-hand pane you can click on the downward arrow under Background section. Choose the type of Background you wish to apply.

As you can see in the above picture, Windows 10 allows you to choose from 3 kinds of Lock Screen Backgrounds.

  • Windows Spotlight: Automatically selects and displays images taken from Bing onto the Lock Screen.
  • Image: Allows you to choose any image to be the Lock Screen background.
  • Slideshow allows you to display multiple images from the slideshow album.

3. If you select Picture as your Background kind, choose Stock Windows Pictures available under “Choose your Picture” section or click Browse to choose a photo or image to be placed on the Desktop or in any other place in your PC.

If you choose Spotlight on the menu drop-down, Windows can automatically pick and display images from Bing.

If you choose Slideshow and select the Add an Folder option and choose the Folder with photographs to be used as the slideshow that you want to make your wallpaper for login screens.

Then, select Advanced Slideshow Settings to add Camera Roll Pictures and images downloaded from OneDrive for the slideshow that will be displayed on your Login Screen on your computer.

4. After completing above steps, scroll to the bottom and select Show Lock Screen Background Picture in the Sign-in screen by shifting the toggle to ON.

This option will make your background image of choice appear on both Lock Screens of your computer.

The first screen of login is where you will view the list of all User Accounts you have on your system. The Second login screen will be where you’ll be asked to enter your Password to access your user account.

5. Make sure your restart your computer.

Slideshow Option Not Working?

While we were testing the slideshow feature did not function correctly. If you are experiencing the same issue, just restart your computer and the issue will be solved.

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