GBWhatsApp Review – Download GBWhatsApp App for Android


Download the GBWhatsApp App on Android (version 1.0) WhatsApp is a crucial part of our everyday lives these days. There’s not a single person who doesn’t use the world’s most popular instant messaging app. But, WhatsApp’s official versions of WhatsApp comes with its own set of restrictions.

This has led to many modified versions of the famous messenger service. One of the mods that has gained a lot of attention for its added features is GBWhatsapp. It has received periodic updates which have made it more sophisticated. We’ll try to figure out the performance of this GBWhatsApp review today in our post.

What is GBWhatsApp?

We have already mentioned that GBWhatsApp is an enhanced variation of WhatsApp. WhatsApp application. What makes it a viable alternative is the advantages to offer more features than the version that is the official version. It comes with additional advantages and options.

This modified edition of the popular instant messaging app offers users an abundance of customization. In addition, unlike many modified applications that require an rooting device, GBWhatsApp does not require you to root your device.

One of the biggest benefits you can receive with GBWhatsApp is the possibility to have two accounts from the same device.

Where can I get GBWhatsApp?

As you may have guessed, at present, GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the app that is officially available. As such, it’s not on the Google Play Store.

It is possible to search for an Download GBWhatsApp APK files via the Internet. There are numerous websites which offer GBWhatsApp APK download files. Be sure to verify the legitimacy of the website hosting the file even. APKMirror is one of the sites that is quite reliable in this area.

You can download GBWhatsApp by visiting this link. In actual fact, I would recommend our readers go to go through the official website since you’ll get an authentic version. This will also guarantee that you have the most recent versions of the application on your mobile.

After you download the GBwhatsapp APK file, you will be able to install it with the normal method of loading the Android application. But, you might need to make a few adjustments to the settings to ensure that you can install an application from unknown sources.

Download GBWhatsApp

Here is how you can do it –

  • Click settingson on your smartphone.
  • Head on to
  • Find the option labeled “Unknown Sources,”and verify it.

After this, you’ll be in a position to install the APK file with ease. Note that the settings used for the above method will differ based on the OS version.

gbwhatsapp android apk

Download GBWhatsapp

How do you set up GBWhatsApp?

It is important to note that you need to deinstall the latest version WhatsApp on your device prior to downloading this GBWhatsApp APK. Let’s now learn the best way to configure GBWhatsApp on your device.

  • Uninstall your current version that comes with WhatsApp. You must ensure that you have made an backup prior to doing this. In the event of a crash, you’ll lose all the chats you saved.
  • Install GBWhatsApp by following the steps outlined in the previous.
  • Create your WhatsApp account by following the standard procedure you’d use to create it.
  • Make sure you enter your cell phone’s number, and have it verified.

It’s done. You’ve successfully setup your GBWhatsApp for your phone number.

  • If you wish to add another number in WhatsApp using your phone with the exact same number, get the original WhatsApp application from Google Play Store. Google Play Store.
  • Configure it with the second number that you would like to utilize it with.

If you own two SIM phone and you want to get verification of the other number in an straightforward method. If, however, you own only one SIM device Follow the steps below.

  • Delete the SIM used to activate of
  • Insert the 2nd SIM you wish to set up WhatsApp on.
  • Verify the number using the normal procedure for verification purposes.

Now, you can take out this second SIM and then put an first SIM to the other. Whatever SIM is in your smartphone, you’ll continue to run WhatsApp using both numbers using one phone.

We suggest that you make use of your current WhatsApp number to access WhatsApp’s official versions of WhatsApp. This way, you will be able to recover your messages and other chat components from the backup that you have created according to the above instructions.

Some of the most notable characteristics of the GBWhatsApp

Then, GBWhatsApp happens to be one of the top alternatives for the more advanced features of your WhatsApp user experience. It enhances the immediate messaging features you’ve discovered in WhatsApp and takes them to a new quality.

Certain of its features are

  • The application allows you to block WhatsApp calls to certain numbers.
  • There is a greater capacity of 600 messages broadcast as compared to 250 on an official model.
  • It provides a more secure privacy options. The app allows you to block the read and received status of messages you receive.
  • The app can be used to send videos as large as 30MB.
  • The possibility of sending up to 90 images in one move.
  • The status is available at 250 characters rather than the usual limit of 139 characters in this version.
  • The ability to alter the icon of your app is an additional benefit and is a component of the excellent personalization it gives you.
  • The app is compatible with more than 100 languages.
  • The main benefit that the app gives you is the possibility of setting the two WhatsApp accounts on one device.

Final Words About GBWhatsApp

Google’s GBWhatsApp is an excellent application if you wish to manage 2 WhatsApp accounts on one device. It also comes with many advanced features that you might not get in an official instant messaging app.

The ability to customize it is what makes it the ideal application for any needs you might need. It is the most suitable choice for those who are more advanced. It is possible to install it on the official website we have mentioned earlier to protect yourself.

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