Fix: YouTube Videos Not Playing in Microsoft Edge

YouTube Videos

Some users have reported the issue that Microsoft Edge Not Playing YouTube Videos. Below are the steps needed to fix this issue.

Microsoft Edge Not Playing YouTube Videos

Based on the computer you use The issue with Microsoft Edge not playing YouTube videos can be manifested in a variety of ways.

A few users have complained that YouTube videos not loading, and others report seeing blank screen, with no sound, or no video when trying to access YouTube using the Microsoft Edge browser.

In some cases you may get an error message that reads “An error occurred” when you try to stream YouTube Videos in the Microsoft Edge browser.

You can solve YouTube issues on Microsoft Edge browser by using one of the methods listed below.

1. Clear Edge Cache

Most of the time YouTube videos are not playing. videos not working on Microsoft Edge browser can be solved by clearing the cache in the browser.

Start the Microsoft Edge browser > click on the 3-dots menu icon, then choose Settings from the menu drop down.

In the settings screen choose Privacy search, services, and privacy tabs in the left-hand pane. In the right-hand side scroll down to the “Clear browsing information” section and click select what data to erase.

In the following screen choose All time as the ‘Time Range Choose the items you wish to remove from your browser cache, and click the Clear button.

After the Cache has been cleared, Restart Microsoft Edge browser and check if you are able to watch YouTube videos.

2. Reset Edge Flags to Default

The majority of YouTube issues are thought to be caused by “about:flags” settings within the Microsoft Edge browser and this can be solved by setting Flags to the default settings.

Open the Microsoft Edge browser > type about:flags into the Search bar, then press Enter Key. Enter Key. This will bring you directly to the Flags screen.

Click the Reset All to reset the Flags of the Edge Browser to default settings.

3. Turn off GPU rendering and use software rendering

Although Microsoft Edge can take advantage of GPU acceleration however, this setting has been reported to cause issues when playing YouTube as well as other videos on Microsoft Edge.

To resolve this problem to fix the issue, enter Internet options into the search bar, and then choose Internet Options (Control Panel) from the results of your search.

The next page, go to the Advanced tab, choose the Use software rendering in place of GPU rendering and select Apply and click OK to save the setting.

Be sure to restart your computer in order for this change to take effect to your computer.

5. Delete Windows Defender SmartScreen

It is the SmartScreen Filter feature within Windows Defender can sometimes cause issues in the Edge browser and stop YouTube video clips from loading.

Start the Microsoft Edge browser > click on the 3-dots menu icon, then choose Settings from the dropdown menu.

In the settings screen click on the Privacy Search, Sevices, and Privacy tabs in the left-hand pane. In the right-hand side scroll to “Security” section, and then switch the toggle next Microsoft Defender SmartScreen to OFF position.

Note: Disabling SmartScreen might reduce your online security. You can enable SmartScreen security once you’re finished watching YouTube videos.

6. Set Correct Default Audio Device

If you’re not able to hear the audio when watching YouTube videos on Microsoft Edge, the problem could be due to an incorrect Audio device set as the Audio Processor that is the primary one.

Right-click the Sound icon that is located on the Taskbar and then click Sounds from the menu that appears.

The next page, click the correct Headphone or Speaker in the device list, and click the Set as default Device button.

Click Apply and click OK to save this modification in your PC.

7. Install Media Features Pack

If none of these solutions work your issue could be caused by Media Feature Pack not being installed on your system.

The issue of the missing Media Feature Pack in Windows was reported by users from Europe who use 10 N and KN versions Windows operating system.

Microsoft provides Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10 on its website and you can download the correct Media Feature Pack for your version of Windows from this Microsoft Support Website.

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