Disable Microsoft Defender Temporarily and Permanently

Disable Microsoft Defender

In the event that Microsoft Defender Antivirus Protection (also called Windows Defender) is causing problems, see below the steps for Disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus on your computer, both temporarily as well as permanently.

Disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus Protection

Windows computers are pre-loaded with Antivirus & Malware protection program also known as Microsoft Defender, which is sometimes referred to as Windows Defender.

However certain users have complained about problems with their computers being slow to boot, becoming loud and sometimes becoming stuck because of the high amount of RAM and CPU usage from Microsoft Defender.

Therefore, we have listed below the steps for turning off Microsoft Defender, both temporary and permanent.

1. Temporarily disable Microsoft Defender Real Time Protection

The easiest method to temporarily disable Microsoft Defender is by going to Windows Security Settings on your PC.

Click Settings, then Update and security. Select Windows Security in the left-pane. In the right-hand pane select Virus and threat protection.

The next page, click the Manage Settings Link, located under “Virus and security settings for threats”.

The next page will you can turn off the Real-Time Security, Cloud Delivered and the Automatic Sample Submission.

Notice: This method disables Microsoft Defender for a short duration of. Your computer will automatically switch to Real Time protection after a certain amount of time.

2. Permanently disable Microsoft Defender Using Registry

NOTE: It is recommended to create an backup point of system restoration as well as a backup your registry before you make any modifications on Registry Files in your PC.

Just right click on the Start button, then select Run. In the Run Command window, type Regedit, then click OK.

On Registry Editor Screen, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender. In the right-hand side Double-click DisableAntiSpyware to alter the Value Data of it from 0 to 1.

This will permanently disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus protection on your computer. You can at any time can use Real Time Protection with Microsoft Defender on your computer by changing the Value Data between 1 and zero.

It is impossible to locate DisableAntiSpyware

If you do not find DWORD named “DisableAntiSpyware”, you will have to create a New DWORD and name the DWORD as “DisableAntiSpyware”.

Right-click on the empty area in the right-pane, select New and then click on DWORD (32-bit) The value.

Make the newly created Key as DisableAntiSpyware • Enter 1. in the Value Data field.

Notice: It is not advised to completely disable Microsoft Defender, unless a Third Party Antivirus Program is protecting your PC.

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