Computer Turns ON but No Display in Windows 10

Computer Turns ON but No Display

Computer Turns ON but No Display – You can hear Windows 10 turning on but no display. Follow the steps below to fix this problem.

Computer turns on but no display

Most cases of computer switching on with no or black display or screen is due to a problem with the monitor or display. However, there may be other causes.

1. Monitor & Connections

Check all cables that connect the display to the computer. Verify that the cables are connected correctly and aren’t loose.

You should ensure that the Monitor is ON. The power light will be visible on your monitor.

2. Power flush the Monitor

Turn off the computer by pressing the Power Button. Unplug the Monitor’s Power Supply Source.

Wait 60 seconds, then plug the Monitor into its Power Supply source. Then, restart the computer using the Power button.

3. Disconnect all connected devices

Sometimes the problem can be caused by a USB-plugged device that becomes incompatible with Windows 10.

To shut down your computer, press and hold the Power button. After the computer has turned off completely, disconnect all USB-connected devices (except Keyboard and Mouse).

Press the Power button to turn on the computer. Check if the display works. If the Display works now, it means that one of the USB-connected devices is the problem.

Connecting USB devices to your computer one at a time will help you identify the incompatible device until you locate the device that switches the display off.

Once the device has been found, check if it is possible to update the driver. You will need to discontinue using the device if it is not found.

4. Reset BIOS to default settings

Hold the Power button down to turn the computer off. After the computer has been turned off completely, you can disconnect it from the power source.

Wait 60 seconds, then open the casing to remove the CMOS battery.

Wait for 60 seconds before you place the CMOS battery in the Motherboard.

Connect the computer to the power source, close the casing and turn ON the computer.

Attention: Static shock can cause damage to sensitive computer parts. You should not touch any parts with your naked hands. Wear gloves.

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