11 Best Valheim Server Hosting Providers in 2022

Valheim Server Hosting

It’s not that I don’t remember fondly popping mutated pork cops while eating bubblegum and swinging my crowbar in Halflife. However, I find single-player games to be very linear and repetitive. It’s tedious killing endless NPCs (non-playing) characters.

Multiplayer games have always been my favorite. It is so much more fun to know that you out-smarted someone else, even if they are a teenager with a lot of squeaky spots.

You could play on either public or private servers in the beginning of FPS Counterstrike. Then you could give a head-to-head challenge to 2 players (1vs1) and finally enjoy playing with 64 players, 32 each.

Nothing was better than jumping on your favorite server and making new friends. Then, laughing until the wee hours of the morning. The best part of playing with other people is having complete control over your game server environment.

The popularity of online open-world survival has increased in recent years. It is a fully open world that you can explore and survive in. You can scavenge for food while running from zombies in Dayz, or take on a T.Rex using only a spear in AR Survival.

Virtual death is even more frightening when you consider the possibility of reincarnating naked on another side of the globe. You now need to direct your character in the right direction, and hold down “W” for 15 minutes.

Now you’re a naked, unarmed character and must run miles across open terrain to find your friends. You feel the thrill and incentive to survive, as well as the pain and agony of death, a little more.

Valheim is the latest survival movie.

I’ll dive into the game to explain why you should jump in headfirst, and what are the benefits of hosting your own server.

What is Valheim all about?

It’s an open-world survival game set in Valheim, the tenth Norse realm.

Your role is that of a Viking who has just been defeated and whose body is transported by a giant Crow into Valheim. Your primary goal is to please Odin by returning an ordered to the realm.

You will need to start with nothing, but your hands. Your job is to survive in an unforgiving environment and find, build, and craft your way to success.

Why do I love this Game so much?

Many people think of “early access” as a game that is rushed or poorly developed. It’s unplayable because of crash after crash.

I usually agree with you and keep my distance, but 2 million downloads in less than 2 weeks has taken the gaming world by storm, propelling it to the top.

Valheim, although it is classified as a survival-game, is much more relaxed and forgiving. Instead of worrying about food and water, the game is focused on building and improving.

No longer do you have to stare at endless statistics and hunger bars, trying to figure out what resource is next. Instead, your stomach functions as an inventory. Different types of food can have different effects on your stats, such as increasing stamina and health, or reducing your overall strength.

Another thing I love about the way machines, tools and buildings can be repaired is their simplicity. This has been achieved by eliminating the need for resources. A workbench is a tool that allows you to instantly repair something you have constructed.

This allows you to spend more time crafting new tools, expanding your base and building new buildings. I have returned to the survival genre thanks to this game.

Some of its features include:

  • Massive procedurally-generated world – explore new worlds with unlimited possibilities, forests, mountains, and sea are all with their own unique wildlife.
  • Machines, food, drink, armor, machine crafting and workbench crafting are all available
  • You can build ships and buildings from rafts to Viking warships, wooden structures to castles, or even wooden shacks.
  • Summon epic bosses from Norse mythology, lore, and defeat them
  • Co-op 2-10 players
  • Servers that are dedicated and player-hosted, giving you full control over your virtual world, mods and players online

Hosting your own server is a great benefit.

Valheim is for players who love spending time creating their worlds and sharing a vision with others. If you are looking for quick action, CS/COD is the best option.

Here are some of the benefits to having your own server

Good Control

There is nothing quite like playing God. It’s much more fun to have your own server that you can modify and run however you like, rather than having to follow others’ laws.

Their maps, mods, and rules.

Your maps, mods, and your rules all sound better!

A smoother experience

It’s easy to create and launch your server from your PC. It takes just one click to open a console window with commands streaming down.

The problem is that most home computers are unable to deal with the additional CPU/Memory/IO load required for running a game server. It leads to the online gamers worst nightmare, LAG! This is before you launch your own version of the game.

Here are the real benefits of a dedicated server hosted by a hosting company. Playing on a reliable hosted server gives you the freedom and control to play uninterrupted with the players/friends/family you actually want to play with.

Below are my top choices for Valheim server hosting.


GTXGaming boasts an impressive 19 data center locations around the world. This makes them a true global player. They were founded in 2008, almost 13 years ago. They have Valheim ready and configured for release day, with immediate setup.

They shine in the control panel. A new build was recently released, which is vastly improved from the 2020 version. You can upload and download server files from the control panel. You can also download a backup system from them. This zips up your server and sends it off to an “offsite” backup machine. If you lose something, the backup system will keep up to 7 days worth of backups.

One-click backup and restore. Enterprise-level Intel CPUs are available from the robust E3 processors up to the most recent i7 and i9 CPUs. They also include AMD Ryzens. Schedule tasks to allow your server’s autoupdate, wipes and mods, as well as server restarts and plugins.

Learn the steps to manage your server features by yourself. All data centers are protected by industry-standard DDoS protection and high server uptimes.

Steam workshop support, web links that are easy to use, rocket plugins and an XML validater are just a few of the other features. This is all combined with their 24/7 support and on-control panel live chat. You don’t need to worry about what to do if you lose your server or need to change service.

Hosting service also includes one-click mod support. The mod ValheimPlus is also available for one-click installation. All game hosting companies have standard Steam update buttons. The price is comparable to other large providers.


ScalaCube’s Valheim web hosting service makes it easy to enjoy your gaming with friends. Their control panel is easy to use and includes a domain for free. You can also access files, plugins and mods.

DDoS protection is provided to ensure that their servers remain stable and are not hampered by lags. Its simple interface means that you don’t have to be an expert in server administration. Even if you have any problems, they will always be there to assist you.

Your servers can be customized to your liking. You are allowed to modify the in-game mechanics as you wish. There are 4 data centers in 4 continents around the globe, including Australia, Europe, Asia and Asia.

ScalaCube’s Valheim host service also includes FTP access, mods and 24/7 uptime. It can also be modified easily to modify settings. With SSD drives and high-quality hardware components, you can expect outstanding performance.

ScalaCube costs $14 per month for 10 player slots. It is easy to test their Valheim hosting and see its effectiveness without having to use your credit card.

Survival Servers

Survival servers provides a dedicated Valheim server hosting service that allows you to enjoy immersive gaming. The powerful control panel allows you to customize and configure the server.

Supported mods, plugins and maps can be installed, changed settings, switched locations, and settings can be changed with a simple one-click form. You can set up a server instantly, have full FTP access and receive automated notifications.

Survival Servers offers high performance due to its fastest single-thread benchmark CPUs from Intel and AMD, as well as ultra-fast SSD drives or NVMe drives. Their 7 data centers in America, Europe and Asia are DDoS-protected, so you data is protected from outsiders.

They also increase security by enabling server passlocking. You can also access admin commands and third-party tools to access the server status.

The price starts at $1.40 per lot.


GPORTAL hosts game servers. They offer a wide variety of products that can be used for both large and small games. The hoster Valheim offers 14 locations around the globe, including Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Tokyo. Each location offers super-fast SSD server hardware with the best performance.

For network and data center operations, players are guaranteed 99.9% availability. Two separate data centers serve the main sites, with an additional network hub. GPORTAL manages the network and data center.

The Valheim server rentals are available immediately so you can use them right away. Most cases don’t require additional settings, but they can be quickly changed via the web interface. Every server comes with Valheim Plus to give you an even better gaming experience. GPORTAL supports the uploading of additional mods if needed.

GPORTAL is committed to the security of its players. This is why GPORTAL uses its own DDoS protection, which is further enhanced by collaboration with Corero. GPORTAL provides friendly support for all questions and concerns regarding the entire range of services. They can be reached via phone, forum, wiki, email, and ticket system.

Valheim has all the benefits and features of GPORTAL servers starting at 14$/30 days

Broccoli indifferent

Indifferent Broccoli hosts servers for gamers who love to have fun with their friends. The company’s quirky brand is supported by high-quality hardware (i.e. There is minimal lag, a custom-built control panel and excellent customer service.

Their simple design reflects the simplicity of their service. It takes only one click to set up a server. You can also start the server immediately after registering for a free two-day trial.

Although Indifferent Broccoli makes it easy to set up and add mods (one click Valheim Plus installation), their support team is helpful and responsive if you have any questions.

Their website reflects the dedication and personality of their support team.

If you are looking for an efficient, friendly and helpful server host for your Valheim servers, give Indifferent Broccoli’s a shot. Indifferent Broccoli offers a free two-day trial and then $14 per month for a Valheim server with 10 players.


XGamingServer is a great way to enjoy Valheimplus Mod support and mind-blowing Valheim gaming.

Xgamingserver is unique because it offers Virtual Dedicated Game Servers. With all VDGS plans, you have 100% access to the resources (CPU allocations, RAM and storage) that you purchased for your server.

XGamingServer was designed to provide you with the best possible performance experience. After placing an order, your account is activated and you can begin setting up your server in five minutes. The intuitive control panel makes it easy to manage your server.

You will enjoy smoother gameplay and better FPS performance with the dedicated Valheim server. XGamingServer is aware of the attacks and protects your servers against them without affecting the performance.

XGamingServer hosts the Valheim server over a 1Gbps network interface that can run all games. It uses Intel i7 7700k CPUs and AMD Ryzen 7. There are VDGS plans available with 2GB to 8GB RAM, dedicated CPU cores, NVMe SSDs, no fixed slots and much more.

Get the Valheim’s high-speed gameplay with your plan starting at $8/month


LOW.MS will be your Velheim hosting provider. You can play online with friends and members of the community. They work closely with Valheim – Iron Gate AB developers to ensure stable and up-to-date servers.

They also integrate it with Steam Workshop. There are currently 4806+ Steam recommendations. People love it. LOW.MS handles all technical aspects and provides multiple tools that can be used to manage, install mods and back up servers.

You can get your server set up instantly so that you can play your games faster. LOW.MS hosts servers on the most recent hardware, including SSDs and DDR4 RAM.

High-end DDoS protection protects your servers from attacks up to 10 Gbps. They have servers located in many countries and cities, including the USA, UK, and Germany.

LOW.MS offers secure payment processing and protects you details because they are FCA-compliant partners with Stripe and PayPal. Pricing starts at $13.70 per month. You can add additional resources such as CPU, IP address and SSD type.


Enjoy uninterrupted gaming with HostHavoc’s premium Valheim server hosting. It currently supports up to 10 users, but they plan to expand it with custom slots selections.

Their modified TCAdmin V2 control panel is used to host all their game servers. It’s a powerful and reliable suite. It’s easy to use and includes file management, 2-step authentication, as well as the ability to install scripts. Your game server is upheld and maintained by them. They host their infrastructure in high-quality data centres with reliable links, so that it has a 99.9% uptime.

HostHavoc offers free DDoS protection that protects you against UDP floods and search engine query attacks. Your application and bandwidth are protected from being exploited. You can manage your server yourself with FTP access and a file manager. This allows you to install and maintain your server.

If you have any questions, their support team will respond within 15 minutes. HostHavoc operates data centers in 10 locations around the world, providing reliable redundancy and consistent performance.

They charge $15/month to reserve 10 slots, and provide a 72-hour guarantee of your satisfaction.

Gaming Deluxe

Gaming Deluxe is the oldest company on this list. It has 14 years of experience, so you can expect good service and reliability.

It was used for Battlefield 2 servers back in 2010. You get all the standard functions like FTP, file manager and web-based GUI to administer your server. They also offer fast setup (ours took only 2 minutes).

They are valued across the board and have a remarkable collection of titles that they have accumulated over the years. An older company’s support is expected to be efficient and blunt to the point of being blunt. However, it can also be very witty as we discovered.

You can request a refund within 24hrs if you are not satisfied with their service. Gaming Deluxe provides a mod manager that supports nearly all maps and offers DDoS protection as well as offsite backups.

There are data centers in the major international regions, including North America, Europe and Australia. You can make payments using PayPal, Mastercard and VISA.

Bisect Hosting

Bisect Hosting allows you to host your Valheim server and play with friends without any lags. They provide all the top features at an affordable price and will make your gaming experience unforgettable.

Once you have paid, you will be able to set up your server quickly and easily so that you can play within minutes. You can access your dedicated server from anywhere, and you can install mods such as ValheimPlus.

Bisect Hosting performs daily backups. They keep them safe for seven days so that you can recover your data in case of an emergency. They will keep your server running at its best and update it as needed to prevent security and performance problems.

Bisect Hosting maintains 10 data centers in the United States, Canada, France and Australia. Pricing starts at $12.99/month and includes 4GB RAM, 50GB NVMe SSD, unlimited slots, and unlimited storage.


1GServerHost has impressive features and outstanding performance. You can manage your servers easily with their user-friendly control panel from TCAdmin. It features easy configuration editors and customizable options.

After you make the payment, they will set up your server automatically. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can request a refund within 24 hours. You can save time and avoid frustration by using their game switching option.

FTP programs such as FileZilla FTP Client allow full access to your server. To get maximum power, their servers are located on top of high-performance hardware. They backup your server every hour and can restore your data in an emergency.

Their state-of the-art data centers will host your servers, which are protected with enterprise-level DDoS protection. They ensure that you have the best ping and fastest connections regardless of your current location. There are 16 high-quality servers locations around the world in Europe, Canada and the USA.

1GServerHost offers Valheim server hosting starting at $14 per month with optional add-ons.


Valheim is a popular video game that can be played with anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world. You can play the game at a high speed, without interruptions, and without frequent lags by choosing a reliable Valheim server hosting service provider such as those I have listed in this article.

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