16 Best Nintendo Switch Headsets for Better Gameplay Experience

Best Nintendo Switch Headsets

The purchase of a high-end gaming headset is crucial for anyone who wants to experience the incredible gaming sounds of Nintendo Switch. These days, the gaming headsets on the market are technologically advanced and come with features such as surround sound and immersive audio. They eliminate the requirement for your audio system for the effects of sound during gameplay. It’s a double benefit: aside from enjoying a more enjoyable gaming experience, your friends aren’t apprehensive about you as they’re no longer disturbed.

Nintendo Switch’s speakers are designed to provide gaming sounds and music as you play. However, if you’re planning on playing a game which is more on the competitive aspect, like Super Smash, you know Nintendo’s tiny speakers will not be able to live up to those essential sound effects that determine who will emerge to win.

You’ll easily be defeated by your opponent because you’ll be unable to hear those solitary footsteps and you won’t know of when you might be attacked. Switching to a different gaming headset can allow you to get more enjoyment from your console, no matter the location you’re in.

The best Nintendo gaming headset could end up being quite a bit of a challenge. There are a myriad of headsets on the market with audio quality, built-in microphones as well as comfort. Finding the right headset that has a stunning sound quality is not an issue now.

In order to help you select the right one to satisfy your requirements Here are the top five most loved and rich in features Nintendo headsets currently available. They are generally divided into two categories: wireless and wired.

Wireless or Wired Which one is better?

Wireless and wired headphones come with their own advantages and drawbacks. If you are planning to take the wireless route make sure that your headset has a long battery life. Choose those that provide over 20 hours battery life. It is not worth picking a wireless headset when you have to plug it into the outlet continuously.

In the same way, if you opt for a headset with wires be sure that you have an adequate length to ensure that you don’t risk being caught in the wires.

It’s important to note that, even though Nintendo is now able to support Bluetooth audio, there are a couple of limitations impede it. When you connect the Bluetooth headset, you are unable to connect more than eight wireless controllers. the maximum amount is limited to two. You now know the advantages and cons of wireless and wired Nintendo headsets, deciding which of them is your decision.

Wired Nintendo Headsets

PDP Gaming LVL40

Let’s begin with our review of the PDP Gaming Neon Pop LVL40 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset!

The lightweight headset designed for Nintendo Switch is exceptionally comfortable no matter if you’re in for one-off games or are planning to embark on a long-distance co-op adventure. The in-ear volume control buttons allow you to change the volume while remaining focused during the game. In addition, the comfortable and breathable earpads ensure that sweat is kept at bay and won’t make you get tired playing long games of competition.

The headsets are wired and have two speakers with a 40mm diameter. They have been licensed by Nintendo and compatible with Switch, New Switch OLED and the Lite. This means you can hear your enemies far more clearly than you can even see them.

The microphone’s bi-directional noise cancelling helps to communicate with colleagues without any interruption. Flip-to-mute lets you instantly turn off the microphone by flipping it up.

Turtle Beach Recon 70

With Turtle Beach’s trademark style, Turtle Beach Recon 70 is designed to assist you in achieving the latest win. The light and comfortable headset can serve as your companion for all the hours in game. With the impressive 40mm speaker and high-end fake leather cushioning, the headset provides excellent sound quality and greater bass response. Additionally, the noise-isolation feature allows you to hear even the most tiniest of game sounds.

With Turtle Beach’s top of the line and extremely responsive Omnidirectional microphone. Recon 70 makes sure you have the ability to control your teammates in games that have chat capabilities. You can also turn off the mic by turning it to the upside.

The universal 3.5 millimeter jack makes the headset adaptable and you can pair it with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox controllers, as well as other devices.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro

Utilizing the dual-chamber driver’s configuration, HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro minimizes sound distortion, resulting in clear and distinct in-game sound. This innovative design also creates a distinct sound, allowing for an immersive audio experience.

Cloud Alpha’s high-end memory foam is able to automatically adjust to the facial contours of players, ensuring the ultimate comfort, while allowing for prolonged play time. The noise-cancelling microphone it comes with is approved through Discord and TeamSpeak which means you can be certain of its excellent communications capabilities. Additionally, you are able to remove the microphone easily whenever you no longer require it.

The highlights are:

  • Awards-Winning HyperX ease of use
  • The braided cable lets you effortlessly manage audio
  • Compatible with a variety of gaming platforms
  • Durable Aluminum frame with an extended headband
  • Audio controls accessible to change the volume

Its 3.5mm ports on the Nintendo gaming headset is a great choice for gamers who are experienced using Xbox, PS 4, and various other platforms.

Razer Kraken Kitty

The headset comes with Razer Chroma powered Kitty Ears, Razor Kraken Kitty lets you experience amazing audio experience with the Nintendo Switch with long-lasting durability. The headset that covers your ears completely is fitted with a cooling gel which helps block audio and offers comfortable wear for hours of.

Its Wired Gaming Headphone flaunts the Stream Reactive lighting system with 16.8 millions of colors which alter according to audience announcements and shout-outs.

The drivers are 50mm in size and have neodymium magnets which support active noise cancellation technology, this headphones delivers crystal clear audio. THX’s Spatial 7.1 surround sound support aids in evenly balancing the sound and enhance the music. It also has a an excellent microphone that can be set to block background noise, thereby improving stream quality.

With its precise sound quality and positional audio, as well as the best audio technology for immersion, Razer Kraken Kitty can be the perfect companion for relaxation when you wish to play intensely or watch your favourite movie.

We’ll take a look at the specifications:

  • The ears and the earcups of Kitty are powered Razer Chroma
  • Stream-reactive lighting
  • Active microphone that cancels noise
  • THX Spatial Audio Technology
  • Cooling-gel ear cushions to provide peace of mind and noise isolation
  • 50mm drivers that have Neodymium magnets

Zentouch Gaming Headset

Zentouch Gaming Headset is another wired headset that comes with surround audio capabilities. Thanks to its 50mm Neodymium drivers, the headset can offer better sound quality. The noise cancelling microphone that is adjustable 360 degrees is great for gaming partners in noisy environments since it provides crystal clear voice communication.

The cabled Nintendo gaming headset is padded with 100 100% memory foam earpads that completely protect the ear. It is extremely comfortable to wear, making it the perfect gaming companion for prolonged play. Zentouch gaming headsets feature an extremely durable braided cable that is that is resistant to strangulation. The volume and microphone integrations in the control panel make it easy to make adjustments to the audio settings, without pause and losing the focus.

This gaming headset works with a variety of platforms, including Nintendo Switch (audio), Nintendo 3DS (audio), Nintendo 3DS (audio), Nintendo 3DS LL/3DS (audio), Nintendo 3DS LL/3DS (audio), PS4, PS Vita, PSP, Xbox One, Windows PC, Mac OS PC, iOS device, and Android device.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Console

Arctis 3 Console Edition closely likes Arctis 3 in terms of design and features, and provides similar performance and user-friendliness. The headset is wired and has the highly sought-after Discord-certified ClearCast microphone. It also provides outstanding quality of voice by cancelling out background noise. Additionally, its S1 speaker drivers produce the highest quality audio with a low distortion, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Arctis 3 Console Edition comes with AirWeave cushioning for your ears that helps cool your ears and help keep them dry when playing for long periods of time. The ergonomic controls for volume on the ear let you adjust the volume and muffle the microphone without having to move.

It’s worth noting it’s worth mentioning that Arctis 3 Console Edition also includes an additional jack which lets you share gaming audio with your buddies using earbuds or another headset. In addition to the Nintendo switch it can also be used with other gaming systems like PS 5/4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox 1, and mobile phones.

SADES Gaming Headset

This gaming headset with wired connectivity gives you the ultimate convenience and crystal-clear audio due to its circumaural design that features two 50mm Driver Units as well as sophisticated audio manipulations. This headset’s Frequency Clear Equalization allows gamers to enjoy an impressive sound and to listen to the quietest trebles from their rivals.

In the same way, the surround sound simulator and sensitive audio drivers will help you quickly discern the direction of gunshots, footsteps and many more.

SADES Gaming Headset SADES Gaming Headset has a built-in omnidirectional mic that is compatible with the noise cancellation features that take the tiniest whispers, then denoise and then relay it to your team members. SADES Nintendo Gaming headset comes fitted with a comfortable headband that allows you to use the headset over an extended period of time without exhausting your.

This Gaming headset can be used with a variety of gaming platforms, with the most popular ones are PS4, PS VITA, PSP, New Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch (Audio) and Nintendo 3DS. 3DS The 3DS and LL (Audio).


HunterSpider is a good Nintendo gaming headset in this list. With high-quality surround sound speakers and 50mm neodymium-sized drivers, this gaming headset provides crisp, clear sound and decent bass volume. The built-in microphone has sensitivity to noise and offers the most immersive sound experience.

The microphone is rotatable from with a maximum of 120 degrees. You can also alter the angle of the microphone to an appropriate angle while playing. In addition the volume control in-line, it allows you to regulate the volume, and then quickly turn off the sound by pressing the muted button.

Beyond the sound quality, this well made headset is also focused on appearance. The LED lights enhance the look and make you appear cool. Earmuffs of the headset wired is lined with soft and comfortable faux leather pads. They will not cause irritation even whether wearing it for long periods of time.

HunterSpider gaming headset isn’t just well-equipped, but also multi-functional. The gaming headset that is wired can also be used with Xbox, PS4, PS5, PC, and Mac.

Sennheiser GSP 301

The Sennheiser GSP301 Gaming headset for Nintendo is the perfect option for players who wish to experience a rich audio experience while enjoying the game.

The built-in noise cancelling boom microphone will let you experience the audio clarity and can be used to raise or muffle gestures. The earpads are able to handle the passive noise attenuation and the bass is deep enough to allow you to hear the most intense sound and the quietest footsteps in order to respond quickly. The volume control panel is easy to use and allows you to alter the volume without getting distracted.

The headset’s wired design is ergonomic in appearance and the XL Earmuffs made of memory foam make it the ideal headphone to wear for long periods of time. Sennheiser GSP 301 Gaming Headset is compatible with a variety of platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Mac, and PC.

VersionTECH G2000

The VersionTECH G2000 wireless Nintendo Gaming headset is one of the most durable headsets there. It offers excellent audio quality that keeps players fully engaged and has in-line controls for sound that allow you to alter the volume or muffle the microphone without interfering with the game.

VersionTECH G2000 comes with a surround stereo subwoofer as well as the dynamic power driver with 50mm. The pair lets you feel how the audio is moving fields, footsteps, gunshots, and more for you to experience the real-life gaming experience that you require to keep your edge in the game.

The powerful headset comes with an adjustable and omnidirectional microphone that will block out background noise and communicate clearly to your team. VersionTECH G20000 works with various gaming platforms like, PS5, PS4, PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox One, Xbox One S/X controller Xbox Series X/S PC Nintendo Switch/3DS PSP, PS3, and many more.


PHOINIKAS Stereo Gaming Headset is a gaming headset wired by a driver of 40mm as well as high-end sound high-quality. The pair lets you experience an amazing audio experience that is accompanied by amazing sound effects. The speaker’s component is sensitive enough to satisfy all demands you’d think of from a good gaming headset.

It comes with an external microphone connected to a cable that is removable. It can record your voice and minimizes the background noise while you chat with your friends during playing.

This Nintendo gaming headset padded with luxurious faux memory foam which encapsulates the sound. It stops sweating and heating when playing for long periods of time and makes you be comfortable.

PHOINIKAS Stereo Gaming Headset is compatible with various gaming platforms like PS4 as well as Xbox One, apart from Nintendo Switch. But, it can also be controlled wirelessly, and you can watch films and listen to music while in this mode.

Wireless Nintendo Gaming Headsets

Once we’ve finished with wired headsets we’ll look at what other alternatives you have for going wireless.

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SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless

Let’s begin by introducing the SteelSeries Arctis 7 wireless gaming headset, a must-have for every hardcore gamers.

The Nintendo compatible headset has set the standard high with completely upgraded audio features and a premium microphone with high-quality, crystal clear audio. The earpads are made of fabric that is athletic and offers maximum comfort when wearing the earpads.

This Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming headset is stocked with these attributes:

  • Infinite 2.4 GHz wireless sound lets you to enjoy low latency and ultra-smooth sound.
  • It is equipped by the high-quality Clearcast bidirectional microphone that is certified by Discord that blocks background sound to give high-quality, studio-like voices
  • Advanced Artics Sound lets you record incredible game sound effects
  • Enjoy Surround Sound with the Next-Generation DTS Headphone:X v2.0
  • The gaming headset with wireless connectivity is battery-powered and lasts nearly 24 hours, so you won’t have to be concerned whether you’ll run out of batteries halfway through your gaming session.

Other than Nintendo Switch, Arctis 7 is able to connect to PC, Mac, PlayStation and switch to wireless mode.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 is a gaming wireless headset that is a follow-up to the Stealth 700 first generation and it has received several improvements to provide more comfort and endurance with an improved audio quality and battery life.

Stealth 700 Gen 2 is powered by a rechargeable battery which will easily last up twenty hours gaming at one go. It comes with a headband made of metal and sturdy hinges that add durability to your headset. In addition, the ear cushions come with gel-infused memory foam and an Aerofit design to provide more comfort and cool when worn for prolonged periods.

The microphone is extremely sensitive and provides crisp sound quality when communicating with teammates during the game. It can also be used to flip the mute button. It comes with 50mm Nanoclear speakers, which provide the highest quality sound during gaming situations.

Other than Nintendo, Turtle Beach Stealth 200 Gen 2 gaming headset is suitable for Xbox One Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

G935 LightSync

G935 LightSync Wireless Gaming headset comes with enhanced audio experience that gives you a an enhanced sound experience wirelessly using Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch.

It is equipped with 50 mm ProG Audio drivers as well as DTS headphones The wireless headset is able to create the most spacious clear and clear audioscapes you’ve ever seen. The headset provides an immersive experience with low-frequency sounds, like those from gaming explosions. Additionally, the high-frequency sound like firing, whispers and footsteps are clear and clear.

G935 LightSync Wireless accurately measures the spatial awareness in the game to help you know the distance in depth, the position, and depth within the soundscape in 3D. You can play with G935 in continuous mode for upto 12 hours without lighting, and for 8 hours with the default lighting. It is also possible to use and charge the headset at the same time.

You can also set up audio preferences for every game. Furthermore, the powerful 6mm boom microphone allows you to manage and interact with teammates. G935 LightSync works with other gaming consoles, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Razer Barracuda X

Created to give you an immersive sound experience. The 4 in 1 USB-C-equipped Razer BarracudaX is extremely versatile and provides the most relaxing user experience.

It comes by Razer TriForce 40mm 3-part Driver’s and is capable of pushing distinctive highs, mids and lows that ultimately provide high-end audio performance and a more immersive experience while you play. Thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design, it’s perfect for gaming that lasts for a long time without becoming exhausted. Additionally the breathable memory foam earmuffs as well as the rotatable Earcups are a perfect fit for its users.

In terms of microphones, Razor Barracuda is equally strong and comes with its own Razer HyperClear Cardioid Microphone. The microphone has the capacity to block out background noise, capturing your improved voice during gaming sessions. The microphone can be detached, which means it is possible to remove it whenever you don’t need it. Barracuda X headsets have 20 hours. Additionally, the USBType C Charging allows for continuous use.

Razer Barracuda can be used with a variety of gaming consoles and gadgets, including, PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Android devices.


Its HUHD Wireless Gaming Headset comes with additional software, making the headset fully compatible with Nintendo Switch. It’s powered by an 2.4g wireless connection, which works with the USB transmitter.

This headset comes with 7.1 Surround Sound technology and offers higher-quality bass. You can expect amazing sound quality even in the most intense gaming situations. The gaming headset comes with the 180-degree rotatable mic that will capture your voice perfectly and with great clarity. Additionally, you can switch off the microphone by flipping it up without losing the focus.

The wireless gaming headset has comfortable memory foam Earpads, it’s well-suited for extended gaming sessions. The battery will hold enough juice to enable you to play for up to six hours. The wireless gaming headset can be used for a variety of games and is compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 gaming platforms. It is also possible to utilize the Gaming Headset to listen to music and stream movies.

Wrapping Up

You are aware that the quality of your audio is a crucial element that determines whether the difference between winning or losing during a match. Therefore, having the right gaming headset is vital to make sure you outdo your rivals. We have recommendations for gaming headsets, both in the wireless and wired categories and evaluate their audio quality, features and comfort to select the top gaming headset will make you make a mark in the competition.

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