A Complete Review On LiveWave Antenna

LiveWave Antenna

What are you aware of LiveWave Antennas? After the rise in high-speed Internet coverage, consumers are cutting the right and left cords. It can be connected to OTT services like Hulu, Disney+ and Netflix.

Some are switching to indoor TV antennas. Some of them opt to upgrade their outdoor TV antennas in order to receive free news, movies and local channels as well as a variety of HD channels.

Indoor TV antennas are the newest technology. Hybrid antennas are a great way to replace indoor antennas. LiveWave is the name for these hybrid antennas.

LiveWave’s main USP is that customers don’t have to use a large antenna to connect in the attic or inside a room. They claim that watching free channel TV is easy.


It is very easy to install Worst customer service
No need for an antenna mount Healthy reception is crucial
Modifying weather does not affect the ability to perform Many channels are offered by competitors

LiveWave Antenna

The LiveWave HDTV Antenna is the next generation in TV antenna technology. The antennas do not require a separate antenna set, but they can be mounted indoor or outdoors.

An antenna with a small, cup-shaped shape is attached to the power outlet. It also contains many receptors and capacitors, which pull signals from various areas. It all depends on whether the signals are available.


According to the company the LiveWave antenna relies on the insulation and wiring in the house to act as a signal receiver for free channels.

The antenna transforms your home into a signal reception antenna, receiving signals from HD broadcast stations.

The company also stated that the plug changes the electrical wiring in the house to a signal receptor. It is recommended to be cautious.

The company also stated that you no longer need a TV antenna in order to view free HD channels. The antenna receiver is integrated into the wiring of the house and works in perfect cohesion to receive signals from all around the area.

Does it Work or Not?

The antenna works for a very small number of people. There are many customers who are unhappy with the service and will do whatever it takes to get their money back.

The antenna is designed to be used in rural areas without any external distortion caused by other wireless devices or equipment.

Check out some LiveWave reviews written by customers:

Customer #1

Customer service is terrible and can take many days to respond.

To make the antenna work, I needed to add amplifiers or antennas. It also included the bill. It did not make any significant improvements.

After ordering the antenna, I kept calling customer service. But they said that it was “out of stock”. They won’t honor orders, so why should they accept them?

Customer #2

I ordered 2 antennas to go with my house. None of the antennas seem to work. They promised me to send two more antennas at half the price.

I don’t understand why I would want to buy more antennas or pay more for them when the originals won’t work. My DIY TV antenna works better than this ……pieceof trash.

These are some of the most recent or current reviews of the LiveWave antenna. It’s up you to decide if the antenna is reliable or part of the LiveWave scam that circulates all over the Internet.

How do you use LiveWave Antennas?

Prerequisites – Quick Setup

Step 1 :

Plug-in the coaxial cable’s end first using an ANT/IN connector. Connect directly to your TV.

Step 2

The box contains the coaxial cable that you need to plug in to the receiver.

Step 3 :

Now, plug the receiver into the switchboard on the wall.

The company claims it is shock-proof. I suggest you take precautions when dealing with the outlet.

Scanning of Channels

This is the easiest part. This technique works for most TV models.

Step 1 :

Move over to the remote control and press the SOURCE button

Step 2

Choose TV from the TV’s source menu.

Step 3 :

Navigate to the Channel setup menu, and select Antenna/AIR from there. Traditional TVs would include an AIR option, and vice versa.

Step 4 :

Start the channel scan operation to do the important things

It should display a list of HD channels available for free in your area or range of reception.

Channels Available In

The LiveWave antenna digital HDTV TV receiver, however, pulls signals from nearby broadcasting towers or channels.

These are some channels that LiveWave users all enjoy watching:

  • HSN
  • ABC
  • ion
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • The CW
  • PBS
  • FOX
  • ESPN
  • Decades
  • BET
  • FXM
  • MeTv

Comparison – LiveWave antenna and Other Antennas

LiveWave antenna claims that they are superior to modern, and also rabbit-ear, antennas. The antenna is still a good value for money, however.

Some customers have complained that the antenna does not deliver the promised channels in urban areas.

LiveWave antenna aims to bring some channels to areas with little or no obstructions, ideally in rural areas. Competitors do better, delivering HD channels free of charge with or without amplifiers.

CSR LiveWave Antenna:

Many first-copies and fake websites claim to be the official website for the LiveWave Antebellum. You will need to do some Google-ing in order to find what appears to be the official website of LiveWave. This is done by strong current organizations.

I sent them a simple email about the product. After a week, I received a response to my email. CSR also sends an automated confirmation email to confirm receipt of the email.

It also conveys that the company has received the text and will return it to them later. This does not appear to be the case.

I then sent them a message on their FB page. It appears to be to their official account. I was shocked to find out that they didn’t respond on their FB page. They also sent an automated response to my text.

CSR is without doubt the foundation for building customer trust. It should be proactive and on-point while solving customer problems. Apathetic customer service will spread bad word of mouth about the product.


An antenna costs $39.95 per piece, plus shipping fees. A pair of antennas would cost $73.75 at the moment.

A $10 warranty plan is also available. This warranty plan includes a 1-year warranty and a 30-day cash-back guarantee. The extension plan offers a lifetime warranty.

You will find liveWave antenna on Amazon if you do a search. You can place your order by visiting their official website.


The company behind the next generation of TV antennas fails to live up to its claims or reports. There is also some room if the antenna was purchased during heavy discounts.

An antenna is best for areas with few obstacles, such as buildings or high-rise mountains.

You can add any information about the LiveWave antenna to the comments section. Are there any other alternatives that we haven’t covered? Comment us below!

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